VDear VienneMilano,
Are pantyhose still in style?

- Cindy L.

Each year, hundreds if not thousands of women ask this question. While the answer is complex, the short answer is no: pantyhose is not in style. According to the New York Times, pantyhose usage has been on a decline since the mid-'90s - but before you cast all stockings away, you might find that the reason for fewer women to buy pantyhose is because they have found an alternative: thigh high stockings.

Pantyhose are a type of sheer stockings that are nude in color and covers a woman's body from waist to toes. Pantyhose features a gusset which is a piece of fabric sewn in the middle which allows the stockings to be held together at the crotch. Tall and petite women can find pantyhose to be very uncomfortable because of the limitations that are imposed by a gusset.

Here in the United States of America, the term "nylons" is used interchangeably with pantyhose because nylon was the primary material used to produce pantyhose. Today, other beautiful materials such as polyester and spandex (or a blend of both) are used to create stockings.

A long time ago, women were required to wear pantyhose for every occasion – although that's no longer the case, fashionable women now understand that legs are a canvas for self-expression.

Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.

— Bill Cunningham (Renown fashion photographer).

While frumpy pantyhose might not be enough to help a woman survive the reality of everyday life today, sheer stockings continue to be a fashion staple. For example, sheer black stockings can convey professionalism at work, sexiness at a party (or for a date), and sincerity at a funeral. Sheer black stockings allow a woman to feel elegant, playful, and sexy on every occasion and continues to be a classic accessory.

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Thigh high stockings are a glamorous alternative to pantyhose. Thigh highs are a type of stockings that stays up on a woman’s leg without the use of a waistband or a garter belt. Premium thigh highs are made with a silicone band. Whether it's because thigh highs are more comfortable (no agonizing waistband) or more practical (no bathroom "accidents" having your skirt tucked into your pantyhose), thigh highs offers versatility for woman thus increasing her sense of confidence. Thigh high stockings have replaced pantyhose and have become a must-have woman’s accessory.

Ready to say arrivederci to your pantyhose? At VienneMilano, we invite you to copy and paste the following message, share it on Facebook, and break up with an accessory that is no longer in style. Sometimes closure is what we need to move on.

Dear Pantyhose,

I've found someone better. It is time for me to tell you we are finally through. I am walking away in something new and better. If you don't know why, here are the reasons why I'm leaving you:

You are uncomfortable. My legs just don't fit into you. You squeeze my toes and never seem to fit right around my waist. My legs feel squished like sardines when really I should be flaunting the beauty God gave me. I should feel comfortable and fabulous when I go out.

You are unflattering. When I sit, the way you bunch up around my waist looks horrible, not to mention how you leave my skin red around the waist. And when I stand, you flatten all my beautiful curves. I am trying to look my best, but you are not helping.

You make the simplest things difficult. Whenever I need to pull you up, it becomes a quest to get situated again. When I am out trying to dance, you slide around and feel awkward. We are not on the same wavelength when it comes to being up or down.

You try to embarrass me. When I go to the bathroom, my dress can get caught in your waistband. It pains me even to remember the embarrassment that followed that terrifying incident. I wear you to look sophisticated, and you let me down.

So, I've found someone better, someone, who treats me right. She is comfortable, sexy, sassy, and fabulous for all occasions. She has all the beauty for dressing up my legs, but none of the hassle. Her name is thigh highs - more specifically, VienneMilano thigh highs.

Pantyhose, we've had our fun, but this is the end. Goodbye.

- An Ex-Pantyhose Wearer


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October 21, 2016
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