Thigh highs are limitless when it comes to style and beauty, but they do have one boundary: how far they'll go on your lovely legs. There comes a time for every first-time stocking wearer, sometime between putting your foot into the toe of your stocking and straightening the material over your leg until your thigh, where the question arises: How far should my thigh highs go? Of course, you don't want them too high or too low - you want them just right. So, where is this sweet spot? Believe it or not, the secret is contained within your thigh highs.

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However, since thigh highs can't speak, we thought we'd be their voice! Here's what thigh highs would say if you asked them, "how far do you go?" So...

How high up should thigh highs go?

When stepping into your thigh highs, one fast, simple, and reliable method will help you determine where your thigh high band should lie every time. Place your hand at the top of your inner thigh with your pinky finger on the bottom. Make a mental note of where your pinky finger sits on your leg: that's where the top of your thigh highs should reach.

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How to Know When Your Thigh Highs Have Had Enough?

Believe it or not, they'll let you know themselves. Thigh highs are adept at employing the "please don't pull me any further" method. Once you feel even a slight tug back while pulling your thigh highs up, it's time to stop. Applying pressure to your thigh highs can stretch the fabric, causing the fibers to weaken and become loose over time - and that's the last thing we want.

So, How do you Wear the Band Properly?

Ideally, your stocking band should be tucked away underneath your pencil skirt or dress. Wherever your hemline ends, your thigh highs should start (or above that!) The aim is to keep it hidden away even as you walk, strut, dance, etc.

But we digress...

In the fashion world, there are no hard-set rules. If you want to make a statement and let the band show, then more power to you! We know you'll look absolutely fabulous no matter what. But if you want to get it right every time, we suggest you treat yourself to a crash course on the art of tasteful stockings so that you can look effortlessly divine always.

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The Bottom Line

You deserve to enjoy all the benefits of wearing thigh highs that fit like a glove, while your thigh highs also deserve not to be pawed at throughout the day as you fight them to stay up. There's really no need for you both to suffer through it – so treat yourself to the thigh highs that are right for you!

Still need help?

We're here for you! No matter your question about thigh highs, we have the answer - and we may even start to gush about them if you're not careful (apologies in advance!) So, don't hesitate to contact us, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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If you feel ready to take on a new pair of thigh highs and put what you've learned to the test – we have just the thing for you! From us to you, enjoy 15% off whichever lovely styles you choose with the discount code: STAYUP

Once you've found a pair that fit just right, follow the above steps to ensure you never place them too high or low again, while looking like the stocking wearing expert that you truly are!

October 28, 2022
Tags: Fashion tips

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