When you take care of the things you love, they'll take care of you. While it's not possible for your stockings to show passion the same way you do, we do believe that a little bit of love will go the extra mile and will help your stockings sustain for a very long time. This is why we've put together an extensive guide to help with all aspects of taking care of your tights and stockings – particularly thigh highs. Here are the topics we'll cover in our comprehensive guide:
  • How to wash thigh highs and stockings
  • How often to wash tights
  • How to remove stains out of stockings
  • How to fold thigh highs
  • How to store stockings

How to wash thigh highs and stockings

Step one: Remove jewelry when washing lingerie or thigh highs. The last thing we would want is for your exquisite VienneMilano thigh highs to get caught in your favorite bracelet.

Cleaning supplies
Step two: Find a sink large enough for washing. If you can't, a large bowl could work, too. Use a delicate detergent (we recommend Eucalan's no-rinse delicate wash) or soap (can be bar soap, hand soap or dish soap) can work as a substitute. We need to treat our stockings like royalty, which means no rough treatment on those babies!

Place the thigh highs in the bowl or sink filled with detergent or soap. Use your hands to clean the silicone band to get rid of the dirt and oil. Gently rub the hosiery a few times to ensure that the detergent reaches every part of the stockings.

Step three: Lightly squeeze the excess water out of your thigh highs. Make sure you lay the tights on a flat surface to dry. Try not to hang them as it may cause them to stretch out more than it needs to. In a few hours, your VienneMilano thigh highs should be ready to go. TA-DAH!

Note: Do not use a drying machine to dry your stockings. Silicone (the material used to make those fabulous bands stay up) can melt, and excessive heat can ruin your thigh highs.

Want to learn more about washing thigh highs? Watch Kristin Omdahl's fabulous video on How To Wash Lingerie Stockings [insert link].

How often to wash stockings?

While there is no hard or fast rule for how often you should wash your stockings, we at VienneMilano recommend washing after each use, just like you would with socks. This recommendation applies to both sheer and opaque stockings. Tights and stockings collect dead skin and bacteria. Therefore, you will want to wash your tights and socks immediately after use.

Wearing your socks twice in a row won't bring much harm, however, this should be made an exception, not the rule. Washing your hosiery after each use can prolong the life of your stockings, giving the material a chance to regain shape.

How to remove stains out of stockings

In the case of a stain on your favorite hosiery, don't panic! If you spill something on your stockings, take a wet cloth with cold water and gently dab it on the stain. Don't rub too vigorously, or you may damage the material. However, if the simple wet cloth and cold water method does not work, check out our chart below for other popular methods that we've personally tested, along with our step-by-step guide to using them.

Before you begin, make sure to remove any jewelry that you may be wearing on your hands.

Step one: Fill a sink or large bowl with cold water. Gather a towel, paper towels, detergent, and the appropriate stain remover for your stain.

Step two: Determine what solution to apply to your stain from the chart below, and heavily coat the stain with the appropriate solution. (Short on supplies? Substitute hairspray for any of the solutions listed below).

The Stain

The Solution

Sticky Mishaps




Red wine

Club soda

Slippery Mishaps



Flour and white salt

Office Mishaps



Makeup Mishaps


Baby wipes


Step three: Get ready to be amazed! Place the stain against the towel or a hard surface. Using a paper towel, rub your solution vigorously until the stain lifts or lightens, then apply the spot stain remover. If using the flour and salt solution, dip a section of a paper towel into the cold water and vigorously rub the combination into the stain until it lifts or lightens, then apply the spot stain remover.

Step four: Add a tablespoon of mild detergent to the cold water in the sink or bowl. Turn your tights inside out and place them in the basin.


Step five: Scrunch your thigh highs and rub the treated fabric together to remove the stain, then let them soak for 10 minutes.

Scrubbing Treated Stockings Scrubbing out stubborn stains Soaking Thigh Highs

Step six:
Time for your thigh high hosiery to relax! Lay your thigh highs flat to dry.

We've found that lipstick takes a bit more effort to get out, but a vigorous rub with the baby wipe and a spot stain treatment should do the trick. We've also found the flour and salt combo to be the most disappointing solution of the bunch, but it may just be that more rubbing and spot remover is needed for lotion, lip balm, or other oil-based products. Got a coffee or wine stain on your nude stockings? No worries, there. Our nude stockings are pretty impervious to both coffee and wine. Soaking up the stain with a dry paper towel should work nicely. However, if it's a major spill, a certain common household product will take care of it. Mark our words: HAIRSPRAY IS MAGICAL! If you're short on any of the other items needed for a specific stain, stick with hairspray. It took care of ketchup, coffee, wine, ink, and lipstick with minimal effort.


Unfortunately, you may encounter a stain that just won't come out or a situation where you just don't have any of the aforementioned solutions available. Fortunately, most of our stockings can be turned to the side or completely around to hide the stain in a pinch. A significant benefit of our thigh highs is that they are non-constrictive. You cannot pull this trick with pantyhose or tights. But if those pesky stains just won't come out, you'll need to replace them. Check out our latest collection, find some new pairs of thigh highs, and continue to enhance your style and confidence.

How to fold thigh highs

We recommend two methods of keeping your thigh highs neat, orderly, and most importantly, free of runs in storage. The first is the "Cannoli" method, so named in honor of a classic dessert from our hosiery's motherland. The second method is the "Flower."

Method 1: The "Cannoli"

Step one: Lay your thigh highs flat on top of one another, with the toes lined up.

First step to folding hosiery - "the cannoli"

First step to folding hosiery (more) - "the cannoli"

Step two: Fold your stockings into thirds, ensuring that the toes are tucked inside, and the thigh bands are poking out at the top.

Second step to folding hosiery - "the cannoli"

Second step to folding hosiery (more) - "the cannoli"

Step three: Starting at the toes, roll your thigh high hosiery upward, stopping at the bottom of the thigh bands, again with the toes tucked inside, and the thigh bands poking out at the top.

Third step to folding hosiery - "the cannoli"

Step four: Continue rolling your thigh highs all the way up to the top of the band.

Final step to folding stockings - "the cannoli"

Step five: Store your thigh highs.

Method 2: The "Flower"

Step one: Lay your tights flat on top of one another, with the toes lined up.

First step to folding thigh highs - the "flower method"

Step two: Fold your tights in thirds, ensuring that the toes are tucked inside and the thigh bands are poking out at the top.

Second step to folding thigh highs - the "flower method"

Second step to folding thigh highs - the "flower method" (more)

Second step to folding thigh highs - the "flower method" (even more)

Step three: Starting at the toes, roll your tights upward, stopping at the bottom of the thigh bands, again ensuring that the toes are tucked inside and the thigh bands are poking out at the top.

Third step to folding thigh highs - the "flower method"

Step four: Take the bottom/outside band and turn it inside out around the roll, forming a flower shape.

Fourth step to folding thigh highs - the "flower method"

Step five: Store your thigh highs.

How to store stockings

It's true: VienneMilano's elegant purple boxes are available with every shipment of VienneMilano stockings. However, if you are looking for more storage options, we have plenty of useful tips. Take a look at these suggestions for storing your high quality, glamorous Made in Italy thigh highs:

Hanging closet pockets

If you don't have one yet, look for hanging closet organizers online, right now, with pockets large enough to hold socks, thigh highs, and other closet necessities. They save room in a closet and up your organization game. Place VienneMilano stockings in the pockets to reach them easily, as you get dressed for the day. We suggest you keep your stockings separate from all other pieces to reduce the chances of getting fuzz and lint stuck on your stockings.

Storing pockets

Drawer organizers

These partitioned drawer organizers work well for delicate lingerie and thigh highs. They maximize your drawer space and keep luxurious wardrobe items in mint condition. Carefully roll or fold your thigh highs, and place them in specific compartments of your drawer organizer. Try to keep only one pair of stockings in each envelope of the drawer organizer, so the stockings are not crammed all together and avoid wrinkling.

Drawer organizer

Silk bags

Fabric bags, such as silk bags, are a wonderful choice for storing luxurious wardrobe accessories. Solid drawstring silk bags are easy for discrete organization, and some feature artistic embroidery. These bags are helpful for travel, where suitcase space is limited and a priority. Silk bags are also great for protection against heat and humidity, which will help keep your VienneMilano stockings last longer.

Silk bags

Fabric Boxes

Fabric boxes are a stylish way to store wardrobe accessories. Many of these boxes have a vintage look, and it's simple to find boxes in various colors. Amazon has some great options for different sizes and colors of fabric boxes.

Fabric boxes

Professional organizers might swoon at the looks of your closet after you've developed an organization system for your thigh highs. Our VienneMilano stockings are a worthy investment, whether you prefer the classic or high-fashion style. VienneMilano thigh highs are long-lasting, chic, and make a bold statement for any occasion, whether you are at the office or out with your friends. That's why we recommend you get an organized system so that way you are never short on your VienneMilano stockings. Tell us in the comment area below: how do you store your hosiery and lingerie?

Best sheer thigh highs

Did we miss something? VienneMilano is here to help. Please reach out to us for any questions about caring for your stockings, and keep strutting!

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