Learn how to style, be confident, and fabulous with thigh highs! Style begins with the right mindset, grows with the right pair of thigh highs, and ends with the perfect attitude. VienneMilano can help you to be the best dressed woman in every room. From casual days, to the office, and all the way to weddings – thigh highs will make you shine.

We at VienneMilano believe that thigh highs can be worn for every occasion. So, to help you become the belle of every ball, we've categorized the occasions to: Casual, Date, Formal, Party, Wedding, and Work. You'll steal the show at all of the above by following a few simple styling tips below that'll help you to get the most out of your thigh highs.


Casual wear is what you sport to go shopping, at a friend’s house, an easy-going day at the office, or for a laid-back stroll. Think along the lines of Parisiens sipping coffee on a terrace and people watching the evening away. Whatever they're wearing - that's the epitome of casual chic. So, how do thigh highs fit this picture? Easily. Thigh highs effortlessly elevate the everyday fit. They add an exciting stylish twist without detracting from the easy-going appeal. In fact, their comfort-giving properties make them perfect for all occasions.

Slide on your favorite pair under an understated classic little black dress (or any color dress for that matter.) Thigh highs can also look wonderfully en vogue when paired with a pair of billowy or denim shorts for an edgy twist on casual wear.  And when it comes to footwear, never fear a pair of simple ankle boots, flats, or even a slight heel.

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Va-va-voom! It's time to put on your best number and turn on the heat – it’s date night! But we don't just mean any old date night with your boyfriend, fiancé, husband, etc. - any date will do! One with yourself, your gals, or even a close friend, it’s all worth dressing up for. 

We recommend playing it by season. A loose, chunky-fit knitted dress goes down a treat with thigh highs, especially when worn with black or brown ankle boots. Keep accessories to a minimum. However, for warmer weather, throw on a figure-hugging – be it A-line or bodycon – both look incredibly sultry when elevated by a pair of luxurious thigh highs and high heels.

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Weddings, funerals, cocktail parties, and office gatherings - they all come around. So, you'll need to be prepared with your favorite stylish thigh highs at the ready. Fortunately, thigh highs lend themselves to all occasions, especially the more serious kind. Of course, darker shades are recommended with either flats or kitten heels. However, the go-to is generally a dark sheer thigh high paired with a stylish white shirt tucked into a pencil skirt. Drape a blazer or evening coat around your shoulders, and you're onto a winner.

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For those tricky occasions where the night sky isn’t quite out yet, but you still need to look hot to trot – thigh highs have you covered. Be it a graduation, grand opening, book signing, or fashion show, thigh highs can be just the oomph your outfit needs. Fortunately, thigh highs of all colors can pair perfectly with all types of day dresses, taking them from casual to event-ready.

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Wedding bells are chiming, and the picture-perfect outfit is in order to mark the special occasion. For brides, a pair of silky smooth, sophisticated thigh high stockings are a must. Not only to maintain toasty legs throughout the ceremony but also to adhere to those age-old traditions! So naturally, a pair of ivory thigh high stockings add to the clean bridal look while adding a touch of sultry secrecy for wedding night endeavors!

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Wedding Guest

And when it comes to guests, we certainly don’t recommend matching the bride’s ivory-white style. However, we do recommend sticking to off-white or dark neutral shades that fit perfectly into a pair of open or closed-toe high heels.

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Dressing for work is an art form. And one that you often have to accomplish in a rush! Thigh highs, when worn right, can be entirely appropriate and stylish wear for the office or professional setting. 

But first things first, you'll want to make sure the tops of your thigh highs can't be seen. But to make most of the rest of your thigh highs won't be hard to do. In fact, all it takes is sticking to knee-length skirts and dresses and sticking to dark neutrals to keep things elegant and understated. Of course, black high heels are also a must to complete the professionally stylish look.

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