Dear VienneMilano,
I just started wearing thigh highs, and I can't help wondering: am I supposed to reveal the band? Is it ever appropriate to flash the band? What are the dos and don'ts? - Amy F.

Amy, this is a tricky one, since it really depends on the situation you are in. While VienneMilano always endorses thigh high hosiery for any occasion, be it in the office, event, party, or on an evening out, revealing the band follows similar rules for wearing fishnet stockings — the occasion dictates whether you do or do not. That being said, here are our recommendations for a few key scenarios:

For the Office

Absolutely do not. Regardless of your office's dress code, any outfit you choose should convey an air of professionalism. Revealing your thigh high band does the exact opposite. For the office, we recommend wearing CLAUDIA thigh highs.

Black stockings for the office

For an Event

Do not. General parties, weddings, and other events are off-limits. Unless the event is for cosplay, fetish, Halloween, burlesque, or other theme that would encourage revealing the band, it would be best to keep your hold ups a mystery for your hosts and fellow guests. Events are the time to dress to impress, so be bold and wear patterned thigh highs like our ALESSIA Stripe thigh highs.

Stripe thigh highs for events

For a Date

Do it! Revealing the band of your stay ups is enticing and exciting, which I'm sure would be appreciated by your date. Try revealing thigh highs with a sexy floral band, like our ISABELLA sheer thigh highs.

Sheer black stockings for date night

For the Weekend

It's completely up to you! Chances are your weekends are spent relaxing and having a good time with friends and family. In the prescence of people you are comfortable with there are no rules! Reveal the band, or don't-do whatever pleases you! One product we suggest for your relaxing Saturday and Sunday get-togethers is GIADA.

Patterned thigh highs for weekend brunch

Now that you have an idea of where it is appropriate to reveal the band of your thigh highs, it's also important to know how to select appropriate thigh highs for band-flashing. We recommend steering clear of fishnet stockings (combining these with the band in sight will appear trashy) in favor of sheer styles like our ISABELLA line in nude and black. Another fun pair to show off would be PRISCILLA — the colorful band would be perfect for flirting! And flirting doesn't have to involve wearing a tiny skirt: how you show off your band can be as subtle as a smoldering look. Try pairing your thigh high stockings with an oversized sweater or a long dress with a slit up the thigh. Now the simple act of walking, sitting, or crossing your legs can be a treat for your companion.

So, when done right, showing the band of your hosiery can be to your advantage, so don't be shy! Seriously, let the world know what you're in the mood for...However, there are certainly occasions where it is not appropriate to show your band, so it is important to always be mindful of your environment. We hope that these tips for revealing your thigh high band have been helpful. Can you think of any other ways to reveal the band? Let us know in the comments.

August 25, 2017

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