You might be asking yourself, "Exactly what is so special about thigh highs?" Well, thigh high stockings feature a cozy thigh band instead of an awkward waistband, providing both comfort and freedom for practical and refined women.

Sheer tights

What makes our thigh band stand out from certain other brands of hosiery products, however, is that our bands feature silicone instead of elastic. This is important for several reasons:

They Stay Up

There's no point in referring to thigh highs as stay ups or hold ups if they do neither. Silicone clings to the skin moreso than elastic by reacting to your body heat, which ensures that your stay ups stay up. It is for this very reason that VienneMilano's thigh highs do not require garter belts to keep them stable.

Patterned thigh highs that stay up

They Last Longer

The silicone band is a sturdier material than elastic and retains its shape and elasticity for a longer period of time, even under extreme temperature changes. Silicone strips will help keep your hosiery in tip-top shape wash after wash (always use cold water and air dry, however). VienneMilano's hosiery actually features between two and three strips for extra security in every occasion.

Thigh highs last longer

They are Liberating

Since silicone thigh bands last longer and hug the body better than elastic thigh bands or waistbands, you have the freedom of movement that comes with the lack of a waistband or garter belt, as well as the assurance that your thigh highs will never slouch.

Since silicone bands tend to stay up on the thigh more than elastic, this also allows more creativity when it comes to your outfit. Revealing the band is something that can be done with a slit skirt, slit dress, oversized sweater or blouse, and is much more seductive when your thigh highs stay up. Your fishnet thigh highs can also be worn underneath distressed jeans or with shorts. When your thigh highs are snug, the possibilities are endless — you can give that presentation, win over your crush, or dance the night away with confidence.

We hope that elaborating on the materials used in thigh high hosiery help you to better determine how to select thigh highs in the future. We would naturally suggest ISABELLA as the perfect introduction to the freedom and comfort of thigh high hosiery. Do you know any other perks of wearing thigh high stockings? Let us know in the comments.

Thigh highs are liberating

August 18, 2017
Tags: Thigh Highs

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