In a full circle fashion moment, stockings are back and better than ever.

It has to be said that fashion has never been afraid to dip its toe into the avant-garde, testing the boundaries of taste as it surges forward, ever-searching for the contemporary.

And it's landed on its feet with stockings.

When Megan Markle caught slack for wearing stockings – designers were immediately on the trail. Again, when First Lady Jill Biden walked off Executive One at Andrews Air Force Base wearing black fishnet stockings, the debate surrounding powerful women and hosiery reignited.

Why can't we let go of stockings, tights, and thigh highs?

At once extravagant and modest, the mighty trio grabs your attention and refuses to let go. They're loaded with generational, occupational, and cultural connotations in every stitch and can whip the media into a frenzy by simply making an appearance.


Heidi Klum
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And they're back

After disappearing somewhat during worldwide lockdowns, they're witnessing an unprecedented resurgence.

So, if there's any time to take bold hosiery out for a spin, it's now, in a post-pandemic era of street style promising excitement, experimentation, and even a hint of controversy.

And here's how it all began …

Perhaps the first designer to throw their fashionable hat in the hosiery ring was Virginie Viard in Fall 2020, showcasing sheer polka-dot versions on her annual runway. Then, appearing again, in their lace-form, at Saint Laurent, it was clear the trend was catching on. Finally, they arrived in sheer black at Kim Jones' Fendi show, and the deal was sealed – stockings were back, baby!


Fendi Kim Jones
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From heritage houses such as Gucci to up-and-coming designers such as Maison Soksi, Amina Maududi, and RUI, stockings are once again a mainstay on the catwalk and overall fashion scene.

Daniel W Fletcher also joined the movement with calf-length nude stockings, styled with stompy patent loafers - a preppy dresser's dream. Dolce & Gabbana went with a more "young" take on stockings fusing double-layered PVC and glitter stocking-boots, elevated by gold clasp suspenders.

So, who's wearing these beautiful stockings?

And where there are designers, there are celebrities. And when they come together, trends are born.

Dua Lipa's sizzling display at the 2021 Brit Awards was one of the first signs of hosiery waltzing back into the mainstream. Sporting black sheer stockings paired with a cinched, fishnet-coated dress and bouffant hairstyle – she was described as "dashing."


Dua Lipa
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Kourtney Kardashian, ever in good style company, wore a black, barely-there thigh high stockings, corset, and bra mix that stole the 2021 Dolce & Gabbana virtual fashion show.

Kourtney Kardashian
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Sarah Jessica Parker, ever the champion of thigh highs and stockings, has been seen sporting the sensual garments in snippets of the upcoming Sex and The City revival, "And Just Like That."

All-in-all, the advent of stockings is a sign of dressier times ahead. It appears that as the masses step out into the world once again, they plan to do so in style.

And what are the new stocking trends?

As you can see, the hottest stocking trend seems to be flaunting them in all their glory with a mini skirt or dress, with statement hair or accessories to match. However, stockings also play a role in more understated, day-to-day fashion, especially that of the workplace.

The low down on thigh highs?

Well, not to repeat ourselves, but the title is correct – stockings (and thigh highs and tights) are back in style, and their diversifying trends show they're here to stay – watch this space. Or, if you'd like to play a part in making the space, you could treat yourself to a pair of delightfully on-trend stockings. Browse our wide range of stockings, tights, and thigh highs to find something (or more) that calls to your sensual side.

May 22, 2017
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