Dear VienneMilano,
I am thinking about purchasing brown tights, but am not sure what to wear them with. I have worn black stockings for years because they seem so versatile, but I'd like to switch things up! Do you have any suggestions on what to wear with brown hosiery?

-Elaine S.

We are so glad you are interested in trying the fabulous our brown thigh highs. We understand that matching brown as opposed to the standard black stockings can be daunting at first. But do not worry! The truth is, this color is quite versatile; your options are certainly not limited! We have put together some recommendations on how to wear your brown thigh highs. With endless styling possibilities, soon enough I think you'll find brown to be your new black!

Match colors

Let's take this lesson back to the younger years of playing with paint and making a big brown mess. If this sounds at all familiar, you may recall that the color brown is the composite of (result of mixing together) red, yellow, and black. For this reason, clothing and accessories of these three colors will pair perfectly with your brown thigh highs. Brown is a warm, earthy color and matches well with any other warm-tone such as cream, or orange. Other earthy tones such as an olive or forest green work well too. We recommend sticking to these warm, earth tones and neutrals when it comes to choosing tops and bottoms to match your brown thigh highs. However, like anything else, there are exceptions! For example, we have seen dark brown paired fabulously with navy blue!

How to wear ANDREA brown thigh highs

How to wear VANNA brown thigh highs

Red dress with ANDREA thigh highs

When deciding on tops and bottoms, look for pattern clothing with brown or similar hues in it. If your patterned dress has brown in it, it is a perfect match! If you want to make a statement, you could try an all brown look. Because brown is a neutral color, it is forgiving in that it can be paired with shades of itself! While you may not wear your pink cardigan and maroon tights with your bright red dress, brown differs in that it does not have the same off putting effect. Wearing shades of brown is a trendy look for sure, but if you are searching for a sharper look, contrast is key. A crisp white blouse for example, provides great contrast with ANDREA dark brown thigh highs and will keep you looking sophisticated.

Work-day with ANDREA thigh highs


Some of our VienneMilano stockings are bold statement pieces, making them less of an accessory to your outfit and more the main attraction of your look. This is the case for OTTAVIA lace or any bold color from our vintage GIOIA collection. Our dark brown thigh high however, differs from these bolder choices as it is a complementary neutral. The color is an addition to your look, rather than drawing immediate attention to the legs. If you would like to wear brown thigh highs and still make a statement with your legs, try VANNA brown. Whereas ANDREA is more subtle, VANNA's rusty, sheer shade is definitely a bolder look.

Evening out with VANNA thigh highs

When choosing other accessories to wear with your stockings, the possibilities are endless, and really depend on the pattern or style of your clothes more than anything else. We do suggest avoiding black shoes with brown stockings. Instead, try a brown shoe, or bootie or even another earthy tone. You can wear black, especially if your top is black, but wearing ANDREA on a similar colored shoe will give you a more put together and sleek look.

Find the occasion

While brown colored stockings can be worn year-round, fall is the season in which they take center stage. Our ANDREA Opaque is a 75 denier product meaning that it has a special thickness and warmth to it. And in the season of crisp air and outdoor festivities, this kind of warmth and extra comfiness makes ANDREA an autumn essential.

ANDREA's Dark brown can be dressed down, but also has a luxurious, rich quality to it. Because of this you could wear your same brown thigh highs under an over-sized sweater or under a luxurious dress and still feel both comfortable and confident. Its richness also makes it an ideal go-to for work and formal occasions. VANNA brown which is a rusty shade, can be worn to work but because of its red tint and sheer quality, is generally more of a fun, casual look as opposed to formal.Wear VANNA MATTE on a Cozy Fall Afternoon.

Hopefully these suggestions are what you need to start your fall off right! What are your do's and don'ts of matching brown hosiery? Let us know in the comments below!

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