A mules and stockings combo is surely a no-brainer? Comfort meets comfort while style simmers on high-could this be the winning combo that’s yet to be fully explored? At VienneMilano, we're always looking for ways to diversify and deepen our understanding of stockings. So, we decided to go in pursuit of the answer-enjoy!

How do mules and stockings go together?

Though loved by many, Mules have earned a reputation as the unsexy slipper-and we'd argue that’s an undeserved title. In fact, the backless and strapless reliable has a storied past as a very sensual and luxurious footwear choice.

Girl sitting on chair wearing stockings putting mule shoes on

Around since Roman times, mules have stood the test of time. They’re undeniably comfortable, diverse, and, to put it simply-wearable. While not always considered the height of fashion and primarily kept behind doors until the 1950s (Marilyn Monroe popularized them by making them her favorites,) mules have stepped out of the boudoir and have even ascended to trendiness! We have the likes of Gigi Hadid and Jennifer Anniston to thank for that.

Versatile as can be, mules can be extravagant, understated, or downright sexy. Sound familiar? It seems like mules and the tights family have a lot in common.

What do the experts have to say on the matter?

We've teamed up with four fabulous stylists to ask them a very important fashion question:

Can you wear stockings with mules?
Can you? Yes. Should you? That’s up for debate.

We get the low-down from experts in the fashion field, Holly Katz, Anne Libman, Roxanne Carne, and Lindsey Taub.

Roxanne and Lindsey say: Thickness is key

Thick tights

To start us off, we get down to the cardinal rule of pairing mules and stockings-the material needs to be thick. And if not thick, highly opaque. In short, sheerness is your enemy here. A leggy display quickly draws attention away from the mule, resulting in an 'inharmonious' or uneven look.

To that, we say you need to look at CLAUDIA and DAFNE.

Known for being an excellent foundation under form-fitting clothes, CLAUDIA is reliable, all-present, and powerful. With a 21-50 denier, these classically beautiful stockings are simply made for adding a perfectly stated sexy twist to mules. Of course, a velvety finish and solid band don’t hurt the appeal.

DAFNE stockings sit oh-so-slightly above the knee, hugging your leg with a warm cotton, nylon, and spandex blend that flatters your pins in all the right places. And at 51+ denier, there’s no denying that DAFNE stockings hit the mark as a mule-worthy article.


Back to the main question:

And time for Holly’s Katz answer:

Keeping it short and simple, when asked: Can you wear stockings with mules? she replies,

Can you? Yes. Should you? No.

We like it. It's catchy. To the point. But, we’re happy Katz decided to elaborate.

Katz goes on to explain that mules, being strapless and backless, are already hard for your feet to hold onto. “Wearing stockings with them will cause your foot to slide to the front of the shoe.” Getting a bit more technical, Katz clarifies that friction is needed if mules and stockings are to work out. Stockings will defeat that purpose.

Final verdict:

Not recommended by me.

Which, of course, prompts the question,

What do you recommend wearing Mules with?

No legwear or socks. But yes to any style bottom, such as a pant, skirt of any length or jeans. Dresses or wide-leg pants also get the go-ahead.

Offering another perspective, Libman takes the more liberal approach:

If the vibe aligns between the shoes and the outfit, go for it!

So we ask:

What kind of footwear do you recommend wearing stockings with?

What we hear in return is that booties, stilettos, pumps, mules, loafers, oxfords, and even sneakers can do the trick. Of course, the lovely stylist also recommends a sprinkling (or hefty dose) of confidence.

Blue tights with open toe shoes

Much like us at this moment, Carne is undecided, saying, "Yes and no.” According to her, it largely depends on the combination. But, most interestingly and welcomed warmly by us is hearing an expert say,

playing with fun patterns or colors is a plus!

on the matter.

Now, onto Taub, and we're loving the enthusiasm. It's a yes! And a strong one at that from her. She says,

I love a good opaque stocking without a pattern; it's different and adds extra detail to your look. It also won’t take away from the mule because that’s a fun style in and of itself!

Moral of the story...

You can wear mules with thigh highs, stockings, or tights if you really want to. Or if you believe in yourself enough. Of course, as we explored above, there are some “rules” to follow if you want to wear your mules and stockings in the utmost peace and style. At VienneMilano, we encourage you to do you and feel your fabulous self. If the experts are divided, that can only me one thing-do what you want and do it with confidence-just what every mule-stocking needs. Want to learn more about other fashion do's and don'ts? Here's a good place to start: Can I Wear Stockings With Open Toe Shoes? Be sure to check out VienneMilano's Ultimate Guide For Tights & Stockings to see all of our tips on style and stockings.

May 20, 2022

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