Compression tights are a must for many. They keep your circulation circulating and offer support where it's needed most. What more could you want? An alternative! Some people want a little more than the standard, and plenty of our customers have confided in us that our stockings are a great substitute to the norm.

People of all shapes, sizes, and genders have come to us, each with their own unique reason. Be it a leg injury, pain, circulation issues, or beyond, they're all in search of the same thing: A compression stocking alternative. The most common complaint we hear is that standard compression stockings are too tight and that thigh highs are the perfect substitute. And we believe them because thigh highs, and stockings are a fantastic alternative to compression socks. The tight-fit fabric exerts just enough pressure on the legs to mimic compression socks while also allowing some room to breathe. This convenient design feature can be important to those who shop plus size or who may have certain fit requirements. But no matter your body type, the same magic of thigh highs applies to everyone: confidence, style, support, comfort, and that perfectly supported feeling that's hard to replicate with anything else.

So, if you think you're ready to step out of your regular compression socks and into your new compression stocking alternative, we have just the guide for you below.

Supportive Thigh Highs: A Smart Compression Stockings Alternative?

What are Alternatives for Compression Stockings?

Alternative options to compression stockings include compression wraps, pneumatic compression devices, tights and of course, thigh highs. Thigh highs offer a distinctive twist to compression wear, providing the necessary support with slightly more flexible and breathable material, making them ideal for people with special size requirements. So, while we may not offer compression stockings, we do have the next best thing.

Understanding Compression Stockings

Compression stockings are specialized garments designed to improve circulation and provide therapeutic benefits. These snug-fitting stockings apply graduated pressure to the legs, with the highest compression at the ankle and gradually decreasing towards the upper leg. This unique design promotes blood flow back to the heart, helping to prevent and alleviate conditions like varicose veins and edema. By reducing swelling and enhancing circulation, compression stockings are widely used to alleviate discomfort associated with prolonged periods of standing or sitting, such as during long flights or for individuals with certain medical conditions. Additionally, they play a crucial role in managing chronic venous disorders and promoting overall leg health.

Why Thigh Highs Should Be Considered as An Alternative for Compression Stockings

If you're already familiar with us here at VienneMilano, you may be wondering why we're talking about compression socks if you've never found them in our collections. We, too, would be thinking the exact same thing if it hadn't been for many customers who've reported finding our thigh highs offer support without the tightness of compression stockings.

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We thought about it and have realized that our thigh highs offer a stylish and sophisticated alternative to traditional compression socks, with the added perk of blending fashion with functionality. So, deciding to buck the compression sock tradition, we're planning on adding a little luxury and flair to the scene, using our carefully crafted designs, of course.

To say we're obsessed with thigh highs would be an understatement. Really, our passion is so intense that we feel compelled to share it far and wide to anyone who'll listen or who wants to dip their toes into the wonderful world of thigh highs.

Compression Stocking Alternative for all Body Types

That's why we have one of the most inclusive size ranges on the market, from 1XSmall to 3XLarge and everywhere in between. We cater to all leg shapes and sizes, believing that each pair deserves to be wrapped in the wonders of thigh highs. Our products are designed to embrace your every move with exceptional flexibility and provide reliable support throughout the day.

Perfect Compression Stocking Alternative Design

Each style naturally promotes better blood circulation and reduces swelling and fatigue while adding a touch of glamour to your wardrobe.

No one Has to Know

Embracing the trend of thigh highs is like having your own little secret. They slip on easy under pants. Look great with skirts and dresses or however you wish to wear them. However you choose, no one will ever suspect a thing. It's the perfect choice, especially for those venturing into the world of thigh highs for the first time, especially if you're looking for the support and comfort of compression stockings with added flair.

Variety of Styles to Choose From

Part of the magic of the VienneMilano thigh highs collection is that they're offered in a variety of sizes, a feature that's incredibly important when it comes to finding the right compression stocking alternative.

With a wide range of colors, patterns, and materials, our collection of thigh highs, stockings, and tights allows you to prioritize leg health without compromising on style. Whether you're at work, traveling, or simply want to feel confident and comfortable, our thigh highs are the perfect choice for those seeking a chic and effective alternative to traditional compression socks.

Our Style Recommendation

Among our luxury collection, CLAUDIA stands out with her solid band, providing a unique touch that goes beyond aesthetics. The solid band not only adds a chic and sophisticated flair but also offers a subtle yet effective compression, ensuring both comfort and style seamlessly blend together.

For our fabulous customers who choose thigh highs as a chic alternative to compression stockings, the ISABELLA style in hazelnut and chestnut is a captivating choice. Seamless blending with your skin tone, they offer the illusion of bare legs with the added perk of a subtle, snug fit. Hazelnut is perfect for fair skin tones, while chestnut brown adds a touch of summertime glow (especially for our lovely fair-skinned friends) or pairs beautifully with a slightly darker compression. And for those with a rich, dark complexion, we've got the decadent chocolate brown. Elevate your legwear game with ISABELLA - because fabulous legs deserve nothing less!

Customer Testimonials

Sizing Guide

Part of the magic of the VienneMilano thigh highs collection is that they're offered in a variety of sizes, a feature that's incredibly important when it comes to finding the right compression stocking alternative.

tape measurer

Of course, thigh circumference, height, and weight all factor in while finding your Goldilocks' zone among out thigh highs, and we have just the trick to help you find it.

Over on our very own, VienneMilano website, you'll find our sizing chart that serves as a user-friendly guide to help you find the perfect fit for you. We understand the importance of comfort and style, which is why our sizing chart provides accurate measurements to ensure a seamless shopping experience. Additionally, our personalized sizing assistance is readily available for those seeking a helping hand.


VienneMilano thigh highs offer an irresistible blend of comfort, support, and style, making them an no-brainer alternative to traditional compression stockings. Combining luxurious materials and elegant designs, our thigh highs offer effortless and reliable support that feels right and puts a bit of “oomph” in your step to help you take on the day. Whether you're drawn to luxurious styles or prefer accessible options, our exciting collection caters to every taste. So …

Want to Give Thigh Highs a go?

You've come to the right place. If you can't already tell, at VienneMilano, we're all about thigh highs. So passionate are we, that we've even created and dedicate a whole VienneMilano website to their glory. And, since we never like to keep a good thing to ourself, why not take this 15% off with discount off your newest haul wit hthe prpmotional code: BLOGPOST. Think of it like a little push to help you breathe new life you're your compression stocking style. Your perfect pair awaits!

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January 19, 2024

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