A simple fact about dates is that they are unpredictable. However, whether you meet the man of your dreams or doubts, there's one thing you can be sure of – looking your absolute best just helps. After all, you are what you wear, and what you wear speaks for you. In fact, no amount of talking has ever made up for a telling outfit – beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Meet a dud; you'll want to show him what he's missing. Meet prince charming; you'll want to give him a sneak preview of his fiery near-future (if he's lucky.)

And what better way to evoke this sizzling effect on the good, the bad, and the ugly of men than a sizzling pair of stockings? When worn correctly, these sultry numbers can be a powerful aphrodisiac.

Either way, come rain, wind, or storm - you'll leave feeling fantastic – just like you deserve.

How Thigh Highs can save the date

Thigh highs, with an irresistibly flirtatious satin bow, are perfect for a night out, the bedroom, the kitchen, the coat closet …you get the idea.

But just in case you need us to expand on the idea, we've read the assignment and served up some hot looks below. Here are our favorite styles that pair well with everything, from nightgowns... to nothing.

ISABELLA Sheer Stockings

ISABELLA underlines, highlights, and adds an exclamation mark to the end of your statement legs. Classic Black, simple, silky smooth, satiny - need I go on? She makes your already delicious legs absolutely delectable. Her slenderizing and distinguishing effect has a habit of carving out legs that grab the gaze of all eyes in the room day or night. She is the 15 denier star that every lingerie drawer requires. And the cherry on top? She's the proud owner of an irresistible, chic back seam - oh la la!

ALBA Back Seam Thigh Highs

Not to alarm you, but there have been reports of people melting on sight of ALBA. She is steamy, she is elegant, and it's all rounded off with a touch of playfulness that perfects any look. And really, all good nights start with a martini in hand – and now – with ALBA. She knows how to bring fun to any hour of the day (Martini or not.)

Her retro appeal is backed up by a charming floral lace band that gives into an intriguingly intricate back seam – setting her apart from all the rest. 

CORA Chantilly Pattern Thigh Highs

CORA can melt the hardest of heart and then steal them afterward – she's ruthless in love but sweet on the eye. We'd say she's a must-have for your dating repertoire, but really, she's so much more than that. Her fishnet design evokes images of moulin rouge in its show-stopping art-deco patterns. CORA is a piece of the ages that adds depth and intrigue to your look, all the while showcasing your leg's elegant curves with a detailed art-deco floral pattern.

And of course, how can we talk of CORA without mentioning her micro-fishnet design that not only feels fantastic but lends itself to a unique, playful 1920's look – you'll have them at first sight!


Bring him to his knees with a pair of thigh high stockings with a satin bow that'll make you entirely unforgettable for all the right reasons. It's an elegant, playful, and sexy way to say I love you. And we'd love to hear which one of the above styles you'd sport for a saucy night out? Leave us a comment below!

November 27, 2020
Tags: Date night


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