Are you addicted to fashion? Do you spend more on heels than on rent and food? Would you like, someday, to launch your brand and become a star in the luxury goods industry? If so, kick-start your quest for total (and totally glamorous) world domination with an internship at VienneMilano. VienneMilano is the first brand in the USA devoted exclusively to luxury hosiery. Since we are a startup, you won’t be bound by rules or titles… Compared to other internships, ours is an extremely dynamic role with great potential to impact the company’s growth, learn a lot, and make a bit in the process. And since it’s about luxury goods, it will be very posh.

What You Will Do

Working closely with VienneMilano's founder, Mrs. Vienne Brown, as a fashion marketing and events intern you will help in the promotion of our brand, products, and e-commerce business. You will engage in a variety of online and direct marketing activities. You will plan, organize, and execute promotional events around the Country.

What You Must Do

A desire to kick ass, with Sass.

  • Great style, and a good understanding of fashion. Dress to impress, always.
  • Detailed-oriented, precise, well-organized approach.
  • Desire and availability to travel around the USA and internationally.
  • Excellent interpersonal, team-building skills.
  • Positive, people-oriented, and energetic attitude.
  • Want to work hard, be challenged by a fast-paced environment, and enjoy the ride of your life.
  • Want to learn, by listening, taking notes, trying, making mistakes, fixing them.
  • Some experience in marketing and/or event planning is useful, but not essential.

What You Will Get

  • Exposure to the ins and outs of the fashion / luxury goods industry.
  • If you are a star, a full-time position following your very successful internship.


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October 07, 2016

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