Dear VienneMilano,
I've recently seen a lot of celebrities wear patterned stockings under ripped jeans. Can you tell me which pair of stockings from your collection would work for this look?

- Alison F.

This trend has definitely caught on among celebrities and non-celebrities alike. Adding a layer of lace under ripped jeans brings an edgy, daring vibe to any look. At VienneMilano, we’re especially excited by this trend, since we encourage our customers to use their legs as a sort of canvas with their outfits, and celebrate the female figure with the best lingerie available — fishnet thigh highs peeping underneath distressed jeans instead of dresses offers a new twist. VienneMilano’s stock currently offers great options to help you make this trend your own.

Be barely there in GIORGIA in black.

GIORGIA Thigh Highs Under Jeans

Add a feminine slant with a pair of ROSARIA in black and high heels.

ROSARIA Rose patterned stockings

Let ALESSIA in black elongate and straighten your distressed silhouette.

ALESSIA Thigh Highs Under Jeans

Darken your palette with GIADA in black and your favorite booties.

GIADA Thigh Highs Under Jeans

Looking to try a new angle? Swap the lace for argyle with VANNA in brown with your boots.

VANNA Thigh Highs Under Jeans

Although this style is best kept under dresses to add edge to a classy look, you could up the feminine ante with OTTAVIA in black.

OTTAVIA Thigh Highs Under Jeans

Any of these looks work with heels, ankle boots, sandals, and even tall boots so you can feel free to rock your fishnets all year long. Going with sandals for this particular trend is definitely avant garde—you'll want to stick with heels or booties, which tend to look best. Heels allow your pattern of choice to show on your feet, while booties add a dash of rugged energy to your ensemble. Although sandals are often seen as the awkward choice, if you're looking to break the rules, do it!

When wearing heels, try to not go too over the top when it comes to their material; for example, we’d recommend understated velvet, suede, or matte heels over patent leather in order to keep this look classy. Let your legs do the talking as well as the walking!

For the jeans themselves, we recommend sticking with a black-on-black pairing—black jeans over black fishnets offers a snazzy, yet neutral palette that you can build upon with the rest of your outfit and accessories.

Speaking of accessories, be a minimalist—loud bangles and gaudy jewelry can transform this trend into trashy territory pretty quickly!

When it comes to choosing a top, try a solid color crop top, tank top, or chunky, oversized sweater. Avoid wearing a floral pattern in combination with the fishnet pattern, as this will make your overall outfit look way too busy.

As always, keeping the occasion in mind is also a good idea, since this look is not really suited for formal events. This trend is best seen at night on the way to the club or in casual company on the weekends. The office is definitely the last place anyone wants to see your distressed legs.

Ready to spice up your weekend outfits? You can check out VienneMilano's collection for all-season Italian hosiery that you can pair with your distressed jeans. We hope we’ve provided plenty of inspiration for your next night out!

Have you adopted this trend? Let us know how you rock ripped jeans and fishnets in the comments.

*We'd like to give a special shout out to Eve Close: Thank you for all of your help in modeling for this post!

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