Thigh highs are a type of stockings that go all the way up to your thigh. This style of hosiery is meant to stay up without the need for a garter belt. Here are the criteria to help you determine what to look for and where to shop for thigh high stockings?


Thigh highs, as the name implies, should reach your mid-thighs. Therefore, look for thigh highs that go all the way up to the top of your legs. The best way to determine how far up the top of the stockings should go is by placing your hands around your pelvis. The top of your thigh highs should reach the bottom of where your pinky finger falls - in other words, the top of the band should sit a couple of inches away from your crotch. You can also adjust the band (move up or down) to avoid bulge (or, as I like to call it, a muffin top). Stockings that go slightly above your knees are called over the knee socks - Not that there is anything wrong with them; they are not thigh highs.

The band

Look for a band that is made with at least two strips of silicone. Silicone is a gel-like material that allows thigh highs to stay up on your leg without squeezing your thighs. Try to avoid bands that are made with elastic. Stockings using elastic bands tend to fit at first; however, you will feel slightly uncomfortable throughout the day as the band will pinch and squeeze your thighs. Furthermore, elastic tends to stretch itself out, thus losing its elasticity and eventually fall off your leg. Some people may wonder if lace or solid bands makes a difference. The truth is, it’s really up to personal preference. However, the height of the band may matter. For example, as a person who is not very tall, I prefer to wear thigh highs with bands around 2.5” - 3” in height as it fits my thigh perfectly. Tall bands (5-7” tall) provide maximum support and comfort and are fabulous for formal occasions and long dresses.

The occasion

Thigh highs can be worn for every occasion. For a typical workday, black sheer or black opaque stockings are appropriate. Stockings with bold patterns are fabulous for parties and special events (birthdays, weddings, funerals). Some women prefer to wear fishnets or stockings with colored bands as a way to reveal their style and confidence for a date night and or photoshoots.

The weather

The unit of measure for stockings’ thickness is called a denier. Sheer stockings tend to be low denier (5 - 20). Opaque and matte stockings tend to be around 20 -50+ denier. For hot weather, you’ll want to wear stockings with a low number of denier, whereas for cold weather, stockings with a high number of denier is a good choice.

The material

Traditionally, stockings were made from wool, cotton, or silk. Nylon was invented in the 1930s and became a popular material of choice for producing stockings. Today, technology has improved. Look for stockings that are made from a blend of nylon and spandex (also known as lycra or elastane). While nylon is a versatile material, it is not as soft and smooth as spandex. High-quality stocking brands will use a mix of both materials to bring the best of both worlds.

Place of origin

Italy, Slovenia, America, and China are just a few countries known for producing stockings. Look for countries that are recognized for providing quality and respect for environmental and labor regulations.


Thigh highs are determined by height, weight, and thigh circumference. Make sure to check a manufacturer’s size chart to ensure proper fit.

Where to buy thigh highs

It is not possible to try on stockings (or socks) at a store for the most part. Therefore there is no advantage in buying hosiery from a store. In fact, it is more convenient to order online as you will not have to leave your home and can place the order at any time. When purchasing online, look for retailers who offer:
  • Excellent quality - Read their reviews on platforms such as Trust Pilot. Are their products made from a reputable country?
  • Good customer service - Reach out to their customer representative. Are they helpful and friendly?
  • A large selection of sizes - one size does not fit all. Look for brands that sell your size.
  • Resources on the topic of thigh highs - does the retailer have a company blog, and do they write about hosiery?

Independent brands dedicated to thigh highs are an even better choice. For us at VienneMilano, we genuinely believe that legs are a canvas for color and texture, and hosiery allows you to use them. Therefore, look for a hosiery brand that offers a range of colors and patterns to allow you to express your creativity freely.

Follow these tips and reveal your style and confidence by being elegant, playful, and sexy. Check out our infographic below as we summarize the process for buying thigh highs. Browse our collection of luxury hosiery today and get free shipping on US orders.

August 28, 2020


Ted Whittlinger said:

You gave a great presentation explaining thigh highs HOWEVER you didn’t say anything definitive about one size fits all and the measurements that represents?? It seems to me someone ought to be able to tell me what is the maximum thigh measurement and length is BUT damn if I can find that!

Dan McCann said:

everything you sale is good. and also Vienne is a great sales lady and I like her

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