Everyone loves to read daily horoscopes, whether it is online or from your local newspaper, they can be fun and even insightful at timesFor those of us who take direction from the stars, there are plenty of style suggestions to abide by. As thigh highs continue to dominate fashion, VienneMilano has come up with outfit ideas to cater to each type of personality and taste. Whether you skip to your zodiac sign, or want to try all of the ideas, there is a perfect thigh high-paired outfit for every horoscope. Read ahead to see what fashion advice is in the stars for you

CAPRICORN (DEC. 22 - JAN. 19) ANDREA in brown

Capricorn prefers beautifully cut, classic pieces from the best quality fabric, for a look that is extremely feminine, but with a touch of old-school glamour. Tailored pants and silk blouses are the staples of her wardrobe. Add a touch of class with VienneMilano ANDREA in brown, for an even more polished look

ANDREA brown thigh highs

Capricorn ANDREA thigh highs


As the trendsetting star sign, VienneMilano knows that an Aquarius expresses herself through fashion. Mixing and matching pieces to create a look of her own, she wears stand-out pieces. Shocking purple pumps or a turquoise blazer are just the pieces she needs. Further play up this style with VienneMilano's GIADA Art Deco, patterned thigh highs.

Aquarius GIADA thigh highs

PISCES (FEB. 19 - MAR. 20) ISABELLA in black

Pisces adores elegant fabrics such as silk, chiffon, and velvet. Glamorous evening looks are her forte, making high heels her one true love. Whether you're attending a black tie event or a cocktail party, VienneMilano's got you covered. A knee-length red dress paired with gold pointed-toe shoes, along with ISABELLA, will have all eyes on you at any party you go to. And as if things couldn't get even better, floor length dresses will be more elegant when paired with a simple pair of thigh highs. ISABELLA Black is sexy, sophisticated and should never be forgotten at home - especially when attending formal events.

ISABELLA sheer thigh highs

Pisces ISABELLA thigh highs

ARIES (MAR. 21 - APR. 19) ALBA

Aries picks up trends early, meaning she should already be on the mark about thigh highs. Not only is she quick, but she's also creative, frequently adding as she adds fresh twists to make looks something of her own. Clean and dramatic lines are her defining mark. A pair of ALBA BlackBack Seam thigh highs, with a mini skirt and blouse, are the perfect combination of flirty and fun. With confidence to show her legs, and thigh highs to make her look toned and sleek, Aries is unstoppable

ALBA backseam thigh highs

Aries ALBA thigh highs


Taurus thinks for the future of fashion, often investing in classic pieces of neutral tones and interesting textures. She appreciates subtle pieces of sparkle, but always chooses pieces that will last her for years to come, making her outfits timeless. A turtle neck dress, paired with ROSARIA Rose, are just the touch this textured, but classic, look needs. For the beige and taupe outfits of pencil skirts and chiffon blouses, on the other hand, tan, black, and diamond textured thigh highs are the way to go.

ROSARIA rose thigh highs

Taurus ROSARIA thigh highs


Gemini is all about the statement pieces that dominates her collection of accessories. With classic shapes and bold colors, thigh highs in a variety of colors and textures will soon become her new favorite accessory. Solid colored dresses, regardless of cut, or even color-blocked dresses, can be paired with GRAZIANA thigh highs to stand out

GRAZIANA nude thigh highs

Gemini GRAZIANNA thigh highs


Cancer celebrates fashion with soft fabrics and luminosity. Satin and liquid jerseys, along with knits, are the primary focus in her wardrobe. Thankfully, thigh highs are soft and comfortable too. Meet CLAUDIA, perfect to accompany a black dress or skirt, and can add the right amount of shimmer to a Cancer's outfit - day or night.

CLAUDIA thigh highs

Cancer CLAUDIA thigh highs

LEO (JULY 23 - AUG. 22) ISABELLA Brown

Leo - naturally - loves designer clothes and only goes for brand names. With a very sophisticated taste, Leo enjoys exquisite vintage pieces, as well as limited edition handbags. Whether you're donning a DVF wrap dress, or any other designer, add VienneMilano ISABELLA Chestnut Brown thigh highs, for added sophistication. Your legs will look slimmer, sleeker, and more toned with your pair of designer thigh highs.

ISABELLA nude thigh highs

Leo ISABELLA thgih highs


For Virgo, it's all in the detail. Tailored trench coats and well-fitted skirts are to die for. Striking designs catch the eyes of Virgo, however, "flashy" and "trendy" are not in her vocabulary. A waist-cinching pant with DONATELLA Fuchsia band thigh highs to match, are two things that fit well and tell her story in the details. Paired with classic pumps, Virgo looks as elegant as ever.

DONETLLA thigh highs
Virgo DONATELLA thigh highs


Libra is a true fashion lover and is usually the first to try a new look. Ultra-feminine clothing with layered skirts, laced detailing, and chiffon are her go-to items. From a bubble skirt to a baby doll dress, soft, sophisticated OTTAVIA thigh highs add a sprinkle of sweet and sexy to the outfit.

OTTAVIA thigh highs

Libra OTTAVIA thigh highs


Scorpio has a more versatile closet with well-cut staples, and luxury items, leather boots, and plush blazers - ladylike with an edge. Scorpio likes to keep the focus on herself, so she doesn't allow an outfit to wear her. With a good fitting blazer or pant-suit, Scorpio can add ALESSIA Stripe thigh highs, for an edge to a professional outfit. No matter what she’s wearing, Scorpio owns her look.

ALESSIA thigh highs

Scorpio ALESSIA thigh highs


Sagittarius is smooth and relaxed, with a subtle elegance that is the designing aspect of her look and personality. Tailored trousers and no-fuss blouses, even menswear, fill up her drawers and closets. She favors one stunning piece to pull a look together, rather than over the top extravagance. Pants with a loose-fitting blazer or a flowy, comfortable dress, can be paired with GIORGIA Fishnet stockings for a cleaned up, yet effortless look.

GIROGIA fishnet thigh highs

Sagittarius GIORGIA thigh highs

Whether you have just read all of the style advice or are already trying on outfits, there are plenty more styles that a pair of VienneMilano thigh highs can accommodate. Whether you are dressing up or dressing down, thigh highs are sophisticated, elegant, and the perfect addition to any outfit. Baby, what's your sign?

March 09, 2018
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