You've worked hard your entire life and now is the time to enjoy the most beautiful experience ever: being a mother. We understand how difficult it is to search for maternity-wear, particularly for stockings. Here are the top 4 reasons why VienneMilano thigh high stockings are perfect for mothers-to-be:

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ISABELLA Sheer thigh highs
  • Comfort – Pantyhose were never comfortable even before you were pregnant. So why bother looking for maternity wear stockings? Thigh highs are perfect as they don’t hug around your waist. Instead, they sit comfortably around your thighs allowing you to be more hygienic.

  • Value – Maternity-wear is expensive, particularly if you are only going to wear it for nine months. Our high quality thigh highs are great because you can continue to wear the same pair of hosiery after giving birth.

  • Accessibility – Let’s face it, now that you’re pregnant, getting around is not quite the same. As such, save yourself a trip to the store by shopping online. There’s no need to drive to a store, look for a parking, wait in line, etc. You can avoid all of that time by shopping at

  • Anti-chafing - With a gradual change in weight and body temperature, chafing often becomes an uncomfortable problem for mothers-to-be. But who says you can’t wear dresses and skirt because of chafing? VienneMilano thigh highs feature a comfortable band which is an anti-chafing solution.

Maternity stockings

VienneMilano thigh highs come in a variety of colors and a range of denier which allows you to reveal your style and confidence by being elegant, playful and sexy in every occasion and season. Thigh highs will keep you looking fabulous through life stages from weddings, maternity, motherhood and beyond.

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October 12, 2018

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