Dear VienneMilano,
I’ve got many shoes, tights, pants, and skirts, but I’m never keen on how to match everything together. For example, can you wear fishnets with flats and jeans? What about fishnets and a miniskirt? Any recommendations on how to match the right pair of heels, stockings, and pants (or skirts) is appreciated.

Thank you,

Lydia F.

We totally get it! Selecting the right pair of shoes, tights, and pants (or skirts) is overwhelming! But have no fear, we’re here to help. To answer your questions, we’ve partnered up with ALLY Shoe NYC, an affordable luxury shoe brand, to develop a shoe and stockings infographic. To use this infographic, you start by identifying the type of shoes you prefer to wear (on the left), then we’ll show you which type of pants or skirts and stockings (matte, sheer, fishnets) will match (on the right).

Shoes and tights grid


Hope this helps! Be sure to check out Ally Shoes NYC for fabulous (and comfortable) kicks.

October 09, 2020

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