As we travel throughout Europe in search of inspirations for our next collection, we noticed a sensible fashion trend adorned by women all around the world: Wearing sneakers with stockings. A pairing which can be worn for work, casual get-togethers and vacation. How does one pair of sneakers and stockings? Here’s how...

  1. keep your color palette simple. It's fun to mix and match colors. By coordinating five colors (or less) for your outfit, you’ll be able to create an impeccable ensemble. Start by looking at the colors of your sneakers. For example, do you have a pair of tan colored sneakers? Match it with brown thigh high stockings, and a colorful pleated skirt. Top it off with a tan color shirt.
    Pencil skirt, black opaque hosiery
  2. Go monochromatic: Get noticed by wearing one fabulous color from head to toe. Hey, at least you’ll be easy to spot in a crowd! ;)

    Black opaque stockings
  3. Make a statement: Your legs and feet take up 1/2 of your body. That’s a tall canvas for you to express your style and creativity. Don’t be afraid to let your legs and feet take center stage.
    Gray pattern stockings and luxury sneakers
  4. Wear opaque stockings: Chances are, you have sneakers on because you are prepared for a day which may require physical activity: Walking around New York City, Moving around a photo shoot, or Jet-setting around the world. Opaque stockings is a durable and versatile complement for daily activities.
    Black dress, black matte hose

You are a modern-day woman who has things to do, places to go, and people to see. Sneakers and stockings is a fantastic way to juggle work-life balance without compromise.

What’s your take? Is this a trend that will stick around, or is it just a fad? Leave us a comment below.

March 29, 2019
Tags: Fashion tips

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