We all want to feel good and confident in our appearance, however, it can be harder than usual now that the majority of us have spent countless hours inside. You might feel unmotivated and uninspired to challenge your daily routine, however, you will find yourself feeling stuck and in a funk if you don’t prioritize yourself!Here are some tips to help you step up your look and feel your best:

Update Your Skincare Routine

If your daily skincare routine involves water and the same face wash you have been using for the past decade it might be time to upgrade your skincare routine. Establishing a good skincare routine will not only help keep your skin in good condition but will also prevent and treat any blemishes or wrinkles in their tracks.

As early as your 20s, you may start using anti-aging products like an anti aging serum to encourage your skin to produce more collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin. This way, you’ll mitigate the formation of wrinkles, and your skin will look plump and young. When it comes to your skin, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure because once wrinkles manifest on your face, it would be very difficult to make them go away—and very costly too. When you use anti-aging products early on, you’re giving your skin the nutrients it needs to stay youthful.

Different seasons can change your skin’s behavior, so it’s vital to swamp some products accordingly. The colder months might cause the skin to appear dryer and duller, so consider a moisturizer with oils or an overnight hydration mask to leave your skin glowing. Now, if investing in a whole new skincare routine is not in your budget then make minor tweaks like adding a good SPF or homemade exfoliator can make a world of difference to your skin’s appearance.

Practice self care

Practice Self-Care

As the pandemic continues it might be challenging to find ways to practice your favorite activities and manage your emotional health. This is why finding new ways to practice self-care is more important than ever. Self-care encourages you to maintain your relationship with yourself in a healthy and mindful way.

Self-care activities include yoga, meditation, massage therapy, chiropractic, and spa. Other examples include trying new beauty products or treating yourself to a vegan restaurant. Exercise, take a vacation, or try a new hobby or sport as a self-care activity. These activities are relaxing and rejuvenating, allowing you to think peacefully, improve your health and well-being, and enjoy your time with yourself.

Taking care of any insecurities while stuck at home can also be a form of self-care. Whether that means whitening your teeth to feel more confident with your smile or finding a hair loss solution that will help increase hair growth and your happiness. Your self-care routine should involve you doing something you enjoy every day, and when you feel emotionally and physically good it will translate to your outer appearance.

Revamp Your Style

When stuck at home for weeks on end, it’s easy to become complacent due to comfort, however, if you’re not cautious your dirty sweatpants will reflect your mindset and do you a disservice. Take the time to take a shower, do your skincare routine, and get ready each morning. This will improve your mood and productivity for the day. Don’t forget that getting dressed should not revolve around work either. Even on your off days make sure to start your day right with whatever you feel you’re most confident in. If you have a hard time with styling yourself then use this time to revamp your look and find pieces you love. Whether that be finding a pair of jeans that fit you perfectly, a sexy black dress for your date night at home or trying something new like a good pair of hosiery to help you feel good. Finding pieces you feel confident and good in will motivate you to start each day with your right foot forward.

Additionally, wearing healing gemstone bracelets can also improve your style. These types of bracelets are great additions if you're opting for a hint of sophistication. Especially Amazonite bracelets, the green and turquoise shades striped and swirled with cream and white colors will look elegant on your wrist.

Focus On Your Health

Your health has a huge impact on physical appearance, especially if you spent a majority of the pandemic on the couch snacking. Even though there is no harm in the occasional midnight snack, creating a healthy diet and exercise can manage your weight and give you more energy to tackle your day.

If your local gym is still closed then consider an online fitness class that caters to your personal fitness goal. A fitness tracker watch is also an easy way to keep track of your movement throughout the day and hold you accountable. If you struggle with getting yourself on a healthy diet then consider going meatless on Mondays or replacing your sugary drinks with water. Making small changes to your diet and fitness routine can have a positive impact on your overall look.

Improve your overall health and well-being by incorporating healing gemstones into your life. For instance, an orange healing gemstone, such as carnelian, citrine, and orange tourmaline, can help improve your vitality and fertility. On the other hand, amethyst is thought to help improve immunity, digestion, endocrine function, and skin health. While healing gemstones don’t have conclusive studies to prove health benefits or therapeutic claims, they bring strong positive, placebo effects, according to Time Magazine.


Consider taking food or superfood supplements packed with vitamins, minerals, and other micro- and macro-nutrients. Most of these supplements are made from plant extracts and animal derivatives, providing the body with additional nutrients and energy. Dietary supplements come in powder, capsule, tablet, and other forms. Food supplements are safe and don’t require a doctor’s prescription. But if you have an existing medical condition, talk to your healthcare provider before taking food supplements to ensure safety, proper dosage, and advice.

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Remember it’s normal to have moments where you feel indifferent and unmotivated to get step up your look but as long as you try to start every day with a positive attitude and self-love you will notice changes in your appearance and confidence.

January 10, 2020

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