The zeitgeist of the new millennium is freedom, individuality, defiance, especially when it comes to style. Gone are the days when following trends, wearing ensembles that show off your silhouette, or donning creative hosiery, were the exclusive domain of women under 40. Women and men alike thankfully have icons like Anna Wintour (68), Karl Lagerfeld (84) and Carine Roitfeld (63), who have blurred the line between ‘young’ and ‘old’ fashion. Take a cue from the sartorial celebrities you admire, and build a wardrobe that women of any age will envy.

Serious and Sensual

It is important to invest in basics such as a crisp white shirt, elegant black trousers, blazers in both light and darker shades, and dresses and skirts that highlight our silhouette.

If you are starting with a small budget, think of stylish classics like a little black dress, monochrome cocktail dress, and classic high-heeled pumps.

Brighten up simple iconic pieces with luxury hosiery, which comes in everything from lacey to designs to geometric patterns. Exclusive stockings exude elegance, but also mark you as a creative woman who is happy to experiment with new looks and experiences.

Don't be afraid to use thigh high stockings, which will give you a lot more freedom in the abdominal area and be a nice secret you can unfold after your cocktail or dinner party. Think fishnets, full lace patterned stockings or seamed hosiery for a beautiful feminine touch. These stockings work very well with a simple black dress; for ivory and lighter colours, opt for skin-toned stockings instead.


Going with the Flow

Trends are important for women over 60, especially when it comes to the cuts and colors of the season. For instance, if slim jeans are in, then keep your flairs for another season; if pencil skirts are all the rage, why not buy one that flatters for figure to perfection? However, it is important to strike a balance between your very own markers of style, and those tempting buyers on shop windows.

One important rule to follow when selecting cuts, is to avoid baggy clothes, which can be unflattering.


Accessories as an Investment

Accessories are a great buy always, because they never go out of style, if you make the right choices. Rather than buying the fringed earrings you saw Gwen Stefani wear on TV the other night, invest in items such as a large, visible brooch; a vibrant silk scarf; a good leather wallet; and most of all, a great bag.

It is important not to allow age to limit our interest in fashion. Forget about favoring frumpy, baggy wear. Follow current cuts and opt for the season's brightest colors, without becoming a slave to trends. Let creativity be your guide, and invest in quality pieces that will jazz up your wardrobe from season to season.

About the author: Lucy Wyndham is a professional freelance writer with many years experience writing about fashion and a variety of other sectors. With a young family, she loves the work-life balance freelancing offers her.

January 12, 2018
Tags: Fashion tips

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