Dear reader, my name is Kate and I am 6ft tall. While I love my height, I can't deny that there are certainly some #tallgirlproblems that I face daily, especially when it comes to clothes and fashion.

Yes, pants, dresses and skirts can certainly be a struggle to find, but today I want to talk about a different accessory issue, an accessory that perhaps does not get the attention it deserves: tights. See, the thing about tights is that they really aren't fun. I've never thought of tights in the same category as other accessories like necklaces, or handbags. For me, tights have always been a necessity for formal wear, but nothing more. In truth, tights were more of a bother to me than anything else. Let me explain why...

Picture it; you are on your way to a job interview or maybe it's a first date and you have picked out the perfect look: your favorite top, a patterned pencil skirt and a pair of basic black tights. You are already nervous enough when you feel something going on that you are all too familiar with: your tights are riding down, again. You should have seen this coming. The “crotch" or in fashion terminology the "gusset" area has sunk down your legs turning your once confident stride into more of an uncomfortable waddle. When you finally get a chance to sit down, you attempt to discretely heave up the hosiery, having to gather the material from the bottom of your leg and shimmy it up all the way until you have gathered enough slack to pull that restricting waistband up, yet again. With that non-discrete wardrobe adjustment in your past, now, you can take a breath of relief right? Eh, maybe not. This time, your pulling has resulted in just that: pulls. The tiny pull in the fabric grows into a dreaded run, a rip spanning the entirety of your thigh. With time ticking, the best you can manage to do is try to rotate the material, and hope no one notices.

If you're a tall girl tight-wearer like myself, I think its safe to assume that this scenario isn't all that unfamiliar. Standard tights just don't always fit. Small is just too short for long-limbed girls and if you have thinner legs like me, large, while sometimes long enough, is not always the perfect fit waist-wise.

Tall girl tights


Well, fellow tall ladies and just ladies in general, here it is...I discovered a solution: thigh highs. I have never thought much about thigh highs or stay-ups but after having discovered VienneMilano, I have been asking myself why I haven't been wearing these all my life? Thigh highs to me, just make so much more sense. They provide coverage without the restrictiveness of a waist band. Thigh highs offer all the same functions as tights while giving you much more freedom and comfort. The silicone band helps them to stay up so there's no need to tug and no worry of them riding down all day. I wear VienneMilano large and have not had a problem with the length or stretch.

I wear thigh highs just like I have worn tights in the past, to the office, to dinner, to parties, and I still wear the basic matte black and sheer nude. But now that legwear isn't such a pain to wear anymore, I am able to view the accessory in a different light. VienneMilano thigh highs come in so many different styles so it is actually fun to wear and style the accessory with different outfits, and shoes. VienneMilano's "GIADA" design for example, is a playful pattern that I would wear to jazz up a little black dress.

Thigh highs use the legs as a sort of canvas for color, pattern or texture. And for long legged girls, viewing the accessory and therefore your legs in this way can offer endless possibilities.

So to all the tall girls out there looking for a solution to formal or fun leg-wear, save yourself the bother and choose thigh highs. Trust me, you will walk taller and more confidently when you are actually comfortable! Embrace your height, embrace your legs, and have fun with the possibilities this accessory can bring. I recommend checking out VienneMilano's size chart. For me, I wear size large, but you may find that size 1XLarge, 2XLarge or even 3XLarge may be a better fit for your legs.

Need help finding the right pair of tights? Chat with our stylists today to learn why thigh highs are ideal for tall women! Use discount code: STOCKINGS for 15% off your first order at

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June 12, 2017
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