VienneMilano prides itself on celebrating all types of fashion aesthetics, from the conservative to the daring. And what is more daring than modern Gothic fashion? Originating in the 70's, this style is fraught with bold, dark colors, avant garde fabrics, and heavy accessories…there’s no better aesthetic to pair with some sultry hosiery! Specifically fishnets: your legs should be peeking out as much as the rest of your personality and style. And the variety of patterns we offer are perfect for adding that extra "oomph" to your Gothic getup. Here are some outfit ideas that ride the darkwave with our favorite fishnet lines OTTAVIA, ROSARIA, ALESSIA, and GIADA. For more inspiration according to your Gothic flavor, check this out.

Corporate Goths exist, and their hosiery of choice is OTTAVIA. Paired with a blazer and stylish dress, OTTAVIA brings business casual class to the Goth aesthetic.

For the Lolita Goth, a cute dress paired with GIADA is always an excellent go-to. GIADA's art deco chevron pattern brings an element of vintage whimsy to the ensemble.

Foray back into the Victorian era with ROSARIA, a great corset, and a sturdy pair of boots. ROSARIA softens the look with its elegant rose pattern.

Get your Geek Goth on with a cute bag and OTTAVIA! Nothing says EDM playtime quite like black petals. 

If Industrial or Cyber Gothic is your jam, make time for a dance wth ALESSIA. The stripes added to the traditional fishnet pattern provide a great silhouetted canvas for your leather or lace.

We hope we've given you some fun ideas for your next Goth/Industrial/EBM night. So which type of Goth are you? Show us your outfits by tagging us (@viennemilano) on social media and let us know in the comments!

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October 06, 2017
Tags: Fashion tips

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