Today I'd like to debunk some common myths about thigh highs.

Over the years, there have been quite a few assumptions made about "thigh highs," many of them being false. I've found that people either are not familiar with the term, or just have some misguided perceptions of our fabulous fashion accessory.

At any rate, I would like to try and set things straight. Here are 7 common myths about thigh highs: debunked...

MYTH #1: Thigh highs are the same as tights, stockings, or nylons

Contrary to popular belief, thigh highs are actually not the same as tights or nylons. Thigh highs are two separate articles of material to be put on one leg at a time. On the other hand, tights are a single piece of material comprised of two legs connected by a gusset in the center, with a waistband. You can refer to our Glossary for more technical terminology on all types of hosiery.

Tights are NOT thigh highs

MYTH #2: Thigh highs are risqué or promiscuous

While thigh highs can help women to feel both confident and bold, this fashion accessory isn't scandalous by any means. When it comes to thigh highs, it is all in the way you present and style yourself. When worn with the appropriate length skirt or dress, thigh highs can be quite formal. The band of the hosiery should be worn high up on the thigh (hence the name) and so is typically hidden by whatever you have on anyways. Because of this, there is no showing of skin, unless of course you want there to be. Just like any other legwear, thigh highs are versatile, and can be worn just about anywhere and in any season!

Versatile ROSARIA thigh highs

MYTH #3: Thigh highs are hard to maintain

Our VienneMilano thigh highs are all made in Italy out of the finest quality materials. Because of this, one may think that this fashion accessory would be a pain to take care of, but this is not the case. VienneMilano thigh highs can be washed along with your other clothes in any washing machine. We do however, recommend that they are air dried. For more information check out our how to wash your thigh highs blog post!

Wash thigh highs

MYTH #4: Thigh highs are a lingerie only appropriate for nightwear

Thigh highs unlike other undergarments are not meant to be hidden. If you think thigh highs are only appropriate for the bedroom, you are surely missing out on their endless possibilities as a fashion accessory! As explained before, thigh highs can be worn on any occasion whether it is an ordinary day at work, a holiday party, or a more casual day out with friends!

Thigh highs are not just lingerie

MYTH #5: Thigh highs don't stay up on their own, or are worn with garter belts

Actually, none of the VienneMilano products use garter belts. What is so great about our thigh highs is that they are made with a silicone band which keeps them staying up all day, without fear or annoyance of riding down.

No need for garter belts

MYTH #6: Thigh highs are for costumes, not appropriate for formal wear

For whatever reason, Halloween costumes nowadays seem to be incomplete without a pair of matching thigh highs. Fishnet thigh highs have also grown to be a quite popular fashion accessory for women’s costumes. Feel free to flaunt a pair of VienneMilano on Halloween this fall, but please know that thigh highs are not just for costume wear. Perhaps you have worn and loved wearing thigh highs with a costume on Halloween. Why not feel that comfortable and that confident all year round? Also, you do not have to wait until Halloween to pull out a pair of fishnet thigh highs. Our micro fishnet stay-ups are classic as opposed to typically cheaply made costume wear, and can be a playful yet classy fashion statement.

Thigh highs are not just for halloween

MYTH #7: Thigh highs will not fit me because my legs are too long, or short

Do not fret! From personal experience, I can tell you this is not true! Thigh highs are a fit for everyone! I just wrote a blog post on why thigh highs work on my long legs (I'm 6 ft. tall). And if you are more petite, read Erica's post for the alternative perspective!

Have any other questions about thigh highs? Let us know in the comments below!

June 23, 2017

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