Thigh highs have our hearts. Into each pair is woven a wealth of history, style, emotion, and pure fashionable essence that's stood the test of time. They've been subject to changing societal expectations and stood tall and notably pretty through it all – often used as a reflection and barometer of society's view of women and their freedoms – both in fashion as much as anything else.

Why you Should Wear Thigh Highs

They're Trending

First things first – thigh highs are having a moment. Like most garments, they come in and out of the limelight, but thigh highs remain timeless nonetheless. Maybe that's why Kourtney Kardashian, Hailey Bieber, and Dua Lipa have all been seen sporting them recently...

They're Comfortable

Silky smooth sheers and velvety mattes that stretch and bend with your legs as you go about your day? What's not to like!

They're Forgiving

Unlike tights, trousers, jeans, or pretty much anything else we pull over our legs in the morning – thigh highs do not go past our hips! Instead, they rest on the thigh, leaving the tummy area feeling less restricted and entirely free to expand and contract throughout the day as we know it often does!

They're Warm

Every Winter, we face the dilemma of choosing our favorite dresses/skirts or having comfortably warm legs. With thigh highs, you don't have to choose. Coming in a range of deniers (weight and thickness of fabric used,) you can choose just how sheer or toastily opaque you'd like your thigh highs to be, allowing you to wear all of your favorite fits all-year-round.

They're Stylish

You just need eyes to understand this point. Thigh highs look good, need we say more? Yes, because thigh highs are also the ultimate “layering” piece, meaning they can elevate any outfit to stylish status simply by existing.

There are Endless Styles to Choose From

Any color, pattern, or motif you can think of – there's a thigh high that's displaying it in all its fashionable glory. From fishnets to barely-there sheer and opulent opaque, whatever your heart's desire, thigh highs are prepared to fulfil it.

They're Sexy

Thigh highs show the legs in the most flattering light as they sculpt each curve and line to perfection, essentially making a work out of every set of legs – no matter the size or shape. However, where the saucy secret really lies is, well … in the secret. Only you and whoever you so wish to know will know that you're wearing thigh highs. It's a little bit cheeky and a lot tantalizing, coming together to make an irresistible mix that's only heightened by the juicy satisfaction of a secret well kept.

They're Unique

Thigh highs aren't everyone's first choice – yet. So, while they're gaining in popularity year over year, they're still a relatively off-beat choice that adds a certain one-of-a-kind appeal to anyone who wears them!

They Improve Circulation

Many people erroneously believe that thigh highs, seeing as they seem to float magically on the leg, must be cutting into the skin with all their might just to stay still. In reality, thigh highs apply light pressure to the thigh using an elastic or silicon band that “hugs” the leg rather than restrict. In reality, thigh highs natural compression actually aids blood flow around the body, minimizing your chances of developing varicose veins and other such circulation-related issues.

They're Hygienic

Not to get too TMI, but seeing as thigh highs don't concern themselves with your nether regions, they reduce humidity and warmth in the area, limiting excessive microbial growth that could be or become bothersome.

Not a Convert Just Yet?

Thigh highs are fabulously versatile, comfortable, a little bit alluring and a lot fashionable while offering us the option to wear our favorite fits all year round in cozy style. They're also entirely unique, rather charming, and even much more hygienic than their fashion alternatives, making them a stress-free garment that comes in more styles than any heart could desire.

If you need any more convincing, our luxury thigh highs are very persuasive. Our collection features a “gateway to stockings” style that helps you to ease yourself into the thigh high world. Or, if you're ready to upgrade your lingerie drawer and change the way you view hosiery forever, why not pick from one of our more daring styles? You'll get to test (and enjoy) all of the benefits for yourself while feeling utterly fabulous – enjoy!

February 24, 2023

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