How did you begin Modeling?

I was first scouted at age 14 on the way back from school in Singapore. It was a childhood dream of mine to be a model, but I didn’t try to pursue it because I was focused on my academics. It wasn’t until starting my first office job in Bangkok that modeling popped up again. I started off as a commercial model doing TV and print advertisements. Later on, when I moved to Singapore, I went into boudoir and art nude modeling, which is what I continue to do along with the occasional commercial modeling job. It has always a part-time gig, while I had other jobs like writing, curating art shows, working for an NGO, and organizing lifestyle events. 

Tell us about your modeling career.

I’ve been modeling now for about 8 years, doing photo shoots throughout Asia, from Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Melbourne, Sydney, Paris, London, and New York. Since I am also a trained makeup artist, I’ve been able to style and create makeup looks for themed shoots that I organize as well. I seem to have a penchant for lingerie modeling. I guess because I feel quite comfortable in my own skin. However, my proudest moment was being hired for a jewelry shoot for a famous jewelry brand in Singapore. It was a huge surprise to me because my fingers are double jointed, and I never thought that I could do hand modeling, but they were definitely pleased because they even hired me a second time while I was living in Hong Kong.

What was your experience wearing VienneMilano stockings?

From the first time I wore VienneMilano stockings, I knew it was the best thing I could slide my legs into. Besides the beautiful designs, everything always stays in place. Most thigh highs need garters to hold them up, but the thigh highs from VienneMilano stay up on their own. A simple wash with soap and water brings them back to perfect condition. I’m still wearing a pair that I’ve had for 3 years!

What are three words you would use to describe the feeling of wearing thigh highs?

Powerful. Seductive. Sophisticated.

Sheer tights

What are three fashion essentials?

Bodysuit, boots, kimono robe

January 22, 2021
Tags: Interview

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