Dear VienneMilano,
Recently, I've been spending a lot of time working from home. My go-to fashion item for WFH is to wear a long oversized shirt with leggings as I try to look presentable for virtual meetings. Are there ways to spruce up this look while maintaining comfort?
Tammy L.

Tammy, thank you for your message. Oversized shirts are a must-have item for any work-from-home office as it provides style, comfort and femininity. While leggings may be an easy option - the oversize shirt and leggings combo may get tiring. Even though you may be home, you'll still want to look good. Let's face it, when you look good, you'll feel good.

We at VienneMilano believe that thigh highs are a fabulous option for the home office. Stockings are stylish, easy to wear, playful and sexy. Here are three fabulous styles of stockings that will go well with your work-from-home ensemble: solid matte, fishnets, and patterned hosiery.

Matte stockings

when you wear a long, oversized shirt, you are essentially wearing a short dress. And similar to wearing a dress you can match it with matte stockings. At VienneMilano, we offer matte stockings on a variety of colors including: black, navy blue, violet, hot pink, neon green and neon blue.

matte stockings

CLAUDIA matte black thigh highs

Navy blue tights

CLAUDIA navy blue thigh highs


Be daring at your home office by wearing fishnet stockings. Fishnets are the perfect accessory to wear underneath your oversize shirt as it allows you to feel sexy and confident. Go the extra mile and wear a pair of heels at home. View our collection of fishnet stockings.

Fishnet tights

GIORGIA black fishnets

Pattern Stockings

Let's kick your WFH outfit up a notch! The wonderful thing about working from home is that you can reveal your fun and playful attitude. Match your oversize shirt with argyle or polka-dot pattern hosiery. Browse our collection of patterned hosiery.

Pattern tights

NOEMI mixed-media pattern stockings


The fabulous thing about stockings is that it allows you to transform any outfit effortlessly.

Hope you'll enjoy these outfit ideas. Get $10 off our collection of luxury hosiery with voucher code ILOVEMYLEGS. Stay in, stay cozy, and stay fabulous!

May 22, 2020

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