You've probably heard terms like camisole, tank-top and chemises. But what exactly is the difference between them and when do you wear them?


A tank-top is a shirt worn by both men and women. Another name for this can be a singlet. It is most often worn as an undershirt, over a bra. Its neck and arm-holes are usually thicker to make sure the shirt doesn't wear out easily. Tank-tops are really versatile and a must-have for your wardrobe! You can wear one underneath a sweater during the winter period to make sure you don’t get cold, but you can also wear one with a cute blouse with loose buttons during the spring and summer to create a stylish, but casual look.

Black tank top by Tucktails

Black Zoe Tank Top by Tucktails


A camisole is a form of sleeveless lingerie for women. It is usually made out of cotton, satin or nylon and goes down to the waist. Some camisoles have built-in underwires to support your breasts, but some can also be worn over a bra. In the olden days, camisole referred to a jacket or a dressing gown, but over the years those names slowly started disappearing from our lexicon. A camisole is most often worn in combination with a cute thong. You can do this to surprise your partner, or to feel sexy when checking out yourself in the mirror - Seriously, who doesn’t like to look fabulous?!

Gatsby Silk Camisole by ELSE

Gatsby Silk Camisole by ELSE


A chemise is, like a camisole, a type of undergarment. It’s often longer than a camisole and stretches out till below the pelvic area like a dress. It originates from the Roman era where it was called a tunica. Similarly, light fabric, like satin, nylon or cotton is used. The bust area and bottom of the chemise can be decorated with lace. A chemise is more commonly worn in Western civilizations.

Love Me Floral Pattern Chemise by Shell Belle Couture

Love Me Floral Pattern Chemise by Shell Belle Couture

Historically the chemise was worn both by men and by women, but from the 18th century on, women primarily wore chemises. You can wear a chemise to sleep in, but you can also substitute it for lingerie when having a sexy evening in bed with a loved one.


Not to be confused with panties! A slip is also commonly used as an undergarment. However, this is often worn underneath a dress or skirt. Slips have multiple functions such as making a dress hang properly, preventing chafing, and keeping warmth underneath thinner dresses.

All Lace Full Slip Black by Samantha Chang

All Lace Full Slip Black by Samantha Chang

Another usage for slips, is that it can prevent skirt or dress from getting stuck between your butt cheeks (we all know that feeling!) The slip also has one variety called the "half-slip" which is just the lower part of the slip, made explicitly for skirts. Slips can be worn on pretty much any occasion as long as the upper layer isn’t shorter than the slip.

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September 20, 2019
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