Thigh high stockings have fascinated us for some time now. They may not cross your mind every day. But, rest assured, when you see the band daring to hold fast on the thigh all on its lonesome, ideas of lasting beauty, independence, sexuality, and empowerment come to mind. Once the domain of royalty before slinking onto the silver screen and now forming an integral part of the modern fashion scene - thigh high stockings are the trailblazing garment that refuses to be lost to history.

But why?

We'd love to say that thigh high stockings have persisted thanks to an air of "magic" and "mystique" surrounding them. And yes, the undeniable sex appeal and sheer beauty certainly play a part. And that's partially true. But at VienneMilano, we admit there's much more to it.

At face value, thigh high stockings provide coverage for legs. They feature a silicone band that "hugs" the leg just right. The pressure shouldn’t be so strong that it cuts off circulation, nor weak enough that the stocking slinks down the leg.

The history of thigh high stockings

Working out of Du Pont Corporation's research center, Wallace Carothers used his chemically-based genius to conjure up nylon. And ever since, we've been eternally indebted to him.

The year was 1939, and the fashion industry was ready for change. And the public, too. In fact, during the 1940s, stockings had a temporary name change to "nylons."

But when the 1960s rocked up, shortening hemlines waged war on the popularity of thigh high stockings. It was also during this era that silicon was added to the mix, improving the strength of the band while making for an all-around more comfortable fit. And now they're back and, dare we say it – better than ever.

So, we've decided to get philosophical and determine their real purpose.

What is the purpose of thigh highs?

Who can deny that stepping into a pair of thigh high stockings revolutionizes their mood, mindset, and well – entire being! The sudden soft embrace says, “I've got you covered,” while the extra pressure of the band below the bare skin excites. You feel ready to take on the world as a sense of freedom arises – and no – we don't exaggerate. But, to those of you shaking your head, we say you just haven't found the right pair of thigh high stockings yet. And we'd like to help you right that wrong by offering up our selection of luxury thigh high stockings that come with the promise you'll believe us once you put them on!

How to style stockings


A spring in your step coincides with a boost in confidence that pushes you above and beyond to achieve your goals. Thigh highs are anti-restrictive in more ways than one, helping you to break down barriers and say no to self-doubts. And thanks to this property, you'll be able to wear them even on the hottest days of the year or to the office. On the flip side, they'll keep you toasty on those icier days and help you to carry your favorite outfits across seasons.

Tall lace top band thigh highs

And, there's not a single body type on this planet that thigh highs can't work wonders for, flattering not only their silhouette but also their self-image. Sexy, feminine, and empowered are the order of the day when thigh high stockings are involved.

Best sheer stockings

And let's not forget thigh high's ability to bring any look to the next level, helping you to stand out or fit in as you please.


If you can't tell, thigh high stockings mean an awful lot to us here at VienneMilano. And we'd like to share their greatness with you! Our collection of luxury thigh high stockings are patiently waiting for you. You wouldn't keep them from a happy home, would you? Treat them while treating yourself – you can never have enough thigh high stockings, and that's a fact. If you have any questions about sizes, styles, or how to order – we're more than happy to answer! Shoot a message our way and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. And don't worry, we don't bite!

August 05, 2022


Clem said:

The purpose of thigh-highs is for when I say “no” to something and my wife wants to turn it into a “yes.” Seems to work all the time.

david dykes said:

i loved the history of thigh high stockings. my choice are the cuban heel with the back seam.
thanks david

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