It's a poorly kept secret that thigh highs are a turn on for most men. Think we're making assumptions? Even science has our back on this one, showing that legs play an important role in attraction.

Sheer tights
But we're not here to get technical. Instead, we're boldly going where no thigh high devotees have gone before and get to the bottom of what makes thigh highs oh-so-sexy.

black sheer stockings
Ever since Harry Ekman painted his pin-up girls wearing stockings, they've never quite lost that glamorized image … nor have they tried to. Thigh high designers over the years have known that alongside comfort, coverage, and function, a crucial ingredient in the wonderful recipe of thigh highs is a healthy dose of whatever sets pulses racing.

Harry Ekman painting of woman wearing white top with yellow skirt and black sheer stockings and a garter belt

So, during ages when modesty reigned supreme, thigh highs allowed women to indulge their sensual and alluring sides without breaking any “rules.” Now, thigh highs can thankfully be worn with pride by women who fully embody their natural sex appeal.

But that's enough thigh high history for now! Let's find out...

Why Thigh Highs are a Turn on

Thigh highs set pulses racing. Thigh highs are an aphrodisiac – for both the wearer and observer. So, it's no surprise they've found their way into the bedroom … and often onto bedroom floors … and many fantasies.

Blonde model wearing black thigh highs

Thigh highs open up a world of many fantasies - the boss, daring with a dominatrix, or the stranger at the bar with legs that go on forever.

Bring out the Best in Legs

Thigh highs socks are like highlighter for the leg. They define the leg's naturally feminine lines, provoking a slenderizing and elongating look that's undeniably attractive. All the while, they're busy accentuating the curves of your legs, sculpting your calves, knees, and thighs for a sultry look. The tantalizing cherry on top of this stunning display is a flash of bare skin – need we say more?

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Their "Vibe"

It's not all about the visual appeal; sometimes, it's what's implied. Thigh highs, as a clothing item, seem to uniquely possess a personality. They can be fiery, innocent, feminine, commanding, adorable, or all at once! What matters most is that whatever essence they embody, they fulfill it almost tantalizingly. Even the most subtle, low-key pair of thigh highs have a hint of risqué to them.

Just the Right Amount of Coverage

Thigh highs cover most of the leg – but not all. We're not saying thigh highs are suggestive, but they can easily be persuaded to be suggestive. That's just all part of their sensual charm.

They Make you Feel Sexier

Thigh highs know that flattery will get them everywhere. They flatter all body types, legs of all shapes and sizes, many outfits, and, most of all, flatter our egos! Yes, that's right, stitched into every pair of thigh high socks is a well-deserved confidence boost.

Blonde model wearing black matte tights
Unlike some other hosiery forms, thigh highs are downright comfortable, fitted, playful, and obviously very sexy. First of all, with thigh highs, no uncomfortable waistbands cut into your waistline, like with pantyhose or tights. Secondly, when you feel so free and at ease – that's naturally sexy. Finally, you exude sensuality and confidence while wearing thigh highs, which plays a significant role in why they're such a turn on!

And voilà!

All of the reasons why thigh highs are a turn on. Or, better said, can be a turn on. If you'd rather not set pulses racing everywhere you go – don't worry – thigh highs are delightfully versatile and can be styled to your liking, meaning you have the power over how they look!

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November 11, 2022


Dante said:

I wish my wife would indulge in a set of thigh highs

Stephanie said:

Thigh high stockings are so sensually intriguing, playful and delightful. Very special. A joy to wear.

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