Women's stockings are both fashionable and functional. These garments cover the leg from the foot up, and that length can go all the way to the thigh. Stockings may also be a sexier alternative to tights and pantyhose.

Cowboy Boots

Aside from looking ravishing when wearing stockings, you can combine stockings with different fashion items like cowboy boots. This combination creates a fashionable and functional form factor that's ideal for different occasions.

Now, you might wonder how to pair women’s cowboy boots with stockings. Here are four tips to help you achieve that dream look.

Follow the "Thick" Rule

Many women live by the “thick” rule. Albeit there might be several variations to this instruction, the thick rule follows a standard approach to women's fashion. Basically, the thickness of your clothes should match the density of your stockings and boots. Pairing apparel and clothing with similar densities creates a visually-pleasing aesthetic.

Thickness of clothing

For example, you want to wear a cotton dress with a density of about 40 deniers. You should search and use stockings with a similar density with your main piece of clothing. Then, the thickness of your women's cowboy boots should match closely with your stockings and dress.

It might be challenging to match the figures of the densities of your footwear and stockings, but it's not impossible to achieve. Spend time in front of the mirror to see if the thickness of your cowboy boots and stockings are relatively equal.

Start from the Bottom and Move to the Top

If you're planning to buy any of these cowboy boots to pair them with stockings, it's best to purchase the boots first before the stockings.

It might be easier to showcase a perfectly-matched ensemble when you start at the bottom piece first before moving up. Start by searching for an excellent pair of boots. Once you have the footwear, consider bringing them around when shopping for stockings. Afterwards, you can look for the final pieces of your fashion ensemble.
Cowboy hats

Remember, shoes can make or break an outfit. Your dress might be on point, but if it doesn’t match your boots, then everything might look like a mess.

Think About the Seasons

Many people would dress for the current season. For instance, you'd wear a swimsuit to the beach during summer. Now, cowboy boots are ideal for various weather conditions. Still, you have to consider pairing the footwear with the right stockings.

The following are quick tips to help you pair appropriate stockings with cowboy boots during specific weather conditions:


If it's hot outside, consider putting on thin stockings. Pair these garments with mini- to midi-skirts if you desire. However, make sure you remain cool and comfy to avoid sweat running down your thighs, which can be very uncomfortable.

What’s more, wear stockings that flatter your legs while reducing the risk of being too uncomfortable during the hot climate. For instance, consider wearing stockings made of light materials. Just ensure that the garment has long lines to help make your legs look longer.

Autumn and Winter

If it's the cold season, thin stockings won't give you a lot of warmth. Consider wearing thick, dark tights during fall and winter weather. Aim for a material that's 50 deniers thick to provide you with that extra heat.

Thick black stockings

CLAUDIA Matte 50 denier thigh highs by VienneMilano.

Despite the above tip, don't go overboard with the transparency or thickness of your stockings. Extra dark winter stockings may not complement well with cowboy boots. Stockings sporting a nude color to offer transparency may not also work with your boots for the summer.

Don't forget to check your boot-and-stocking combination in front of the mirror if you want to stay fashionable during the right season.

Don't Wear a Loud Outfit

Cowboy boots and stockings portray a sense of style and elegance when worn correctly. Aim for a simple look, especially if you're going to wear long boots. Your footwear may already have intricate designs, so pairing your cowboy boots with printed stockings and a dress with crazy patterns might make you the focus of a crowd, albeit you might get jeers instead of cheers.


Instead, wear a pattern-less spring outfit, and pair that piece of clothing with semi-transparent stockings and cowboy boots that match the dress. This simple look gives you a clean yet well-defined appearance as you’re walking around your neighborhood.


It might seem like cowboy boots have gone out of fashion, as many women prefer to wear other pieces of footwear. However, the return of cowboy boots is shaking things up in the fashion world. Just make sure to pair your pieces of clothing appropriately. Follow the tips mentioned above to achieve that perfect mixture of the right dress, stockings, and cowboy boots.

November 15, 2019
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