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Let us help you pick the perfect piece for that certain someone.

We are full of Christmas cheer and all things sheer...matte, opaque, and, well – stockings - this time of year. But even though we're up to our eyeballs in thigh highs, we can still see that some of you may be having a little trouble picking that something perfect for that certain someone - we are here to help!
While we are of the belief that all of our styles and accessories are enough to bring a smile to any fabulous lady's face, we've specially selected 9 Christmas gift ideas from our collection that say, "I think you're utterly charming and cherish every last bit of you." – enjoy!

Say Hello to our Christmas Picks

PRIMULA Italian Floral Lace

Mediterranean beauty incarnate, there’s something classically elegant to PRIMULA that exudes eternal beauty. Perhaps it’s that she envelopes your legs in fresh springtime bouquets or the striking band that adds a pop of personality to an already statement piece. 
We’ve always sensed a slightly gothic essence from PRIMULA that’s steeped in a cool-chicness for a look that’s as powerful as it is utterly stylish.

SCARLATTA Back Seam in Scarlet Red

As freezing point sets in, SCARLATTA sends temperatures soaring. Like a blazing Christmas fire, everyone can appreciate SCARLATTAs magnetic warmth in both appearance and fit. There’s a certain incandescence to this style that can be seen from the fabulously floral lace band, plummeting down the delicate back seam and in every ultra-fine silky smooth sheer stitch.

ISABELLA Sheer (always a classic!) 

ISABELLA brings a special touch of compelling beauty to any occasion – and she’s always welcome wherever she decides to grace with her captivating presence. The classically sheer style sneaks style into the office before shining all the brighter at the after-hours work Christmas party. 

ADRIA Coral Reef Pattern

Just when you think you’ve seen all stockings have to offer, ADRIA struts in head-to-toe coral motifs and is entirely unapologetic about it. She’s elegantly stepped outside the stocking design box, and she won't be put back in! Fishnet and coral overtones are only elevated by a strikingly silky band that makes for the whole Winter-ready package. There are no undertones when it comes to ADRIA.

PRISCILLA Lace Top Sheer in Orchid Purple and Sapphire Blue

Christmas cheer and shimmering sheer – it’s all just in a day’s work with PRISCILLA. A classic stocking style with a colorful twist, these fabulous stockings will see you effortlessly through every occasion this winter season. 

CLAUDIA Sapphire Blue

First things first, CLAUDIA easily earns her place on this Christmas gift list as one of the toastiest numbers available. She envelopes the leg like a hug from an old friend and holds in warmth for a cozy stocking experience that feels like ticking off all the boxes on your Christmas stocking wishlist. Marvelously matte and masterfully minimalistic, these thigh highs are THE Christmas stocking.

Bundles - all of our bundles are great choices for gifts!

If you’re wondering how to shower the stocking-wearing woman in your life with love, care, and abundance – look no further. Bundle up their stocking-loving heart this Christmas with our range of luxury stocking styles that will keep them feeling warm and utterly fabulous all year round.

VienneMilano Satin Draw String Storage Bag

For the stocking gal who already has everything – a bag to hold her most cherished possessions with tender love and care.

First impression matters

We take great care in making you look good. We will gift wrap your purchase in a luxurious purple box that will turn any gift-giving session into a ceremony.