Green is the new black

We at VienneMilano, believe that green is an exquisite color that's full of life and can be weaved into elegant outfits and worn with flawless grace.

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TOSCA Matte Thigh Highs

Be the main attraction with TOSCA Matte thigh highs. Available in Emerald Green, Deep Teal, and Basil Green.

CLAUDIA Matte in Neon Green

Sculpting your legs in all the right places, these vibrant thigh highs are perfect for the woman who wants to have some fun!

ELETTRA Matte Thigh Highs with Neon Green Band

These thigh highs are made for the understated, high fashion look that adheres to the celebratory theme without losing any class.

GIORGIA Green Fishnets

Be bold, playful, and creative, but most importantly, be you with these green fishnet stockings!