At VienneMilano, we've seen the incredible results when small businesses come together. Welcome to our exclusive Packaging Insert Program – an opportunity for your brand to shine alongside ours!

What We're Looking For:

We're on the lookout for outstanding small businesses that perfectly complement VienneMilano's style. If your business caters to an audience who shops affordable luxury brands, and ships domestically (within the USA) and internationally, we want to team up with you! As part of our Packaging Insert Program, we invite you to include our fabulous flyer in all your outgoing orders, both domestic and international. And guess what? We'll reciprocate! It's a win-win. Plus, let’s offer special discount codes and join forces in affiliate programs for shared success. Let's make our customers' unboxing experience extra special together!

Eligibility Criteria:

To be our partner in style, your business should:
  • Cater to an audience who shops
  • Ship domestically and internationally

Why Collaborate with Us?

  • Expand Your Reach: Showcase your business to a broader audience, exposing your brand to potential customers
  • Cross-Promotion: Boost your brand alongside a fellow independent brand
  • Increased Sales: Elevate your sales potential by reaching a new customer base

How It Works:

  1. Express Interest: Reach out to us at to express your interest
  2. Graphic Preview: Share a sneak peek of your flyer for our joint venture approval. We'll need to approve your design, and you need to approve ours
  3. Mutual Exchange: Once the designs are embraced, you send your flyers to us, and we send ours to you! Let the collaboration commence!
  4. Quality Check: For transparency, we may place an order to ensure our flyers align with your packaging standards, and we expect you to do the same

Flyer Specifications:

  • Dimensions: No larger than a quarter page (4.25" x 5.5")
  • Weight: Printed on quality 80 lb. paper (recommended but not mandatory) for seamless insertion
  • Content: Showcase your brand with a compelling message and include a discount code for traceable success
  • Design: Share a preview for our collective approval before the magic happens


  • Expose your brand to a wider audience, increasing your potential customer base
  • Boost your brand alongside established independent brands
  • Elevate your sales potential by reaching a new customer base

Get in Touch

For inquiries or to express your interest, contact us today. Let's create a buzz in the world of independent businesses!