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We've compiled an unfailing, fool-proof list of perfectly giftable stockings for Valentine’s day that have been known to prompt beaming smiles, happy hearts, and days upon days of new outfits and refreshed confidence. In other words, these are the favorites. The must-haves of the bunch that you simply can't go wrong with. And they are – each and every one of them – popular for an excellent reason. Find out below and have fun deciding which pair is made for your dearly beloved this Valentine's day!

First off, we'll start with your safest bet (but don't call her that); she is ...

Lace Top Thigh Highs


ISABELLA is what we'd consider entry-level thigh highs or gateway stockings. So if that lovely lady in your life isn't an avid wearer of stockings but has expressed some interest in adopting a few articles – here's the pair for her. ISABELLA is the bona fide stocking style. She's classic, elegant, and stunning with those fizzling undertones of sexiness. So is it any wonder she's our all-time best seller? Oh, and she goes with absolutely everything and can be worn anywhere – these are stockings you can rely on.

Lace Top Thigh Highs

ALBA Back Seam

ALBA, ALBA, ALBA, what can we say about ALBA other than that she brings the fire. Think along the lines of sultry confidence with a hint of mystique. With her tantalizing back seam and barely-there sheer, there's a particular delicacy to this exquisite pair. And as if the va-va-voom factor wasn't enough, they also speak of old Hollywood glamour, considering they wouldn't have looked out of place on the likes of Rita Hayworth's and Vivien Leigh's lovely legs! This is the one for the classic, sophisticated gal who deserves a little extra fiery confidence boost! Oh, and a must-have for Valentine's day (just saying!)

Lace Top Thigh Highs

LUDOVICA Tall Floral

Here we have satin, silk, sheer, and seamless finish wrapped up into a stunningly sexy Italian-made package. To top off such beauty, there's a decadent, almost artful tall lace band that adds a clandestine 'hush hush' touch that's for her eyes only or whoever she sees fit!

Color Solid Top Thigh Highs


If girls just wanna have fun, then these are the gal's stockings of choice! Starting off with a cheeky color pop band before seamlessly sliding all the way into stunning, velvety, striking black legs – ELETTRA (excuse the pun) is electric. Still, she can be toned down for work and played up for after-work; she's the perfect foundation piece that is the stage for your beloved's fashion show.

Stockings With Garter Belts


Meet the unapologetically fierce trio. Their one-of-a-kind beauty is uncontested. So what makes them a trio? Well, they're all garter stockings. In other words, one-half of the sexiest lingerie duo imaginable.

NATALIA is simple sheer, incredibly soft, and needs little in the way of frills or detailing aside from floral trims. When it comes to CAMILLA, it's her fun yet incredibly seductive back seam that sets her apart. And VERONIKA commands attention with her soft matte finish.

Color Lace Top Thigh Highs


PRISCILLA is a lady of two tales. One speaks of a wild side that can hardly be contained but for the constraints of a dress, skirt, or whatever else is worn over her irresistible and enchanting red lace secret. The other is the tale she tells throughout the day, one of sophistication, professionalism, and classic satiny grace. So let your lady know you admire her wild side as much as her elegance with PRISCILLA's intriguing double identity. And if you’d like to add some extra spice to your Valentine’s day, PRISCILLA also comes in black and hazelnut – a color to suit any mood.

High Waist Panties


An explosive mix of fiery red, sultry satin, and lavish lace – MELINA is not backing down. She's sexy, in control, and knows what she wants. She won't dim her hip-hugging, figure-flattering lights for anyone. SHE.IS.FIERCE.

Garter Belt and Panties Set


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Garter Belt and Panties set


Evoke her inner Venus and unleash her inner vixen with this powerfully sexy duo. Careful detailing delights while black satin mystique tantalizes as modernity and femininity are melded into a sumptuously stylish and lavish set that'll have her feeling like a new woman.

Stockings for garter belts


There’s something classic in the air while LUANA is about. She's satiny, silky smooth, and oh-so-sexy. But most of all – she’s vintage-inspired. LUANA is an ode to stocking history and sets herself apart by her pure, unadulterated feminine grace that’s sure to put a coy smile on your favorite lady’s face. Warning: If she doesn't own a garter belt, this will have to be a double gift! Luckily for you, we have a collection of gorgeous garter belts for you to choose from such as ESTHER and TILLY just above.


Valentine’s day isn’t a day for holding back on your true feelings. Instead, it’s a day to pull out all the stops. So, for when roses and chocolates just won’t do, there’s a pair of stockings, thigh highs, and garter belts that know how to set the night alight! The best part, these beauties can be worn all year long, meaning that the lady of your desires will feel the heat (and love) 365 days of the year. And for the finale – once you’ve picked the gift of her dreams – you won’t even have to wrap it. Anything you select will arrive in a luxurious purple VienneMilano gift box – enjoy!

It's A Wrap!

We take great care in making you look good. We will gift wrap your purchase in a luxurious purple box that will turn any gift-giving session into a ceremony.