You seem like a dedicated reader, so we probably don't need to tell you that we pick a favorite product every month. And while it breaks our heart to choose, we have managed to narrow it down to one beautiful, elegant, fabulous pair of stockings that we’d love to shine the spotlight on this month...

Who Could It Be?

Meet MARILLA, Latin for shining-sea, she's a mixture of flirty, dangerous, and chic all in one.

Her jewel-tone and gem-like hue have been known to catch sailors in a trance, and now it’s your turn. With a sheer, aquamarine leg featuring a lace top band, she's the thigh highs you reach for when you want elegance but want all the fun.

She's perfect if you're unsure about the classic black or white thigh high, but want to dip your toe in the fabulous world of stockings. MARILLA can take you anywhere. She’s there for you when you're the night to end, and she’ll be right by your side as you keep on partying.

Be warned; these beauties are not for the faint-hearted. They are, of course, only for the fashion-daring. We’re not just talking about the courage to wear pink and red together. We’re talking about the bravery and confidence it takes to be your true self; Your true self in your MARILLA thigh highs that is.

For the Bold (and the Beautiful)

It’s always the right time to be loud, live without fear, and truly be who you are. Life is short; make a fashion statement every day, and MARILLA is the perfect place to start. The sheer aquamarine leg will give onlookers something to remember you by, and the elegant lace band that just peeks out when you step will leave them wanting more. Honey, you've got legs, don't be afraid to dress them up! You won't look back after MARILLA.

Made For You, and Your Legs

The term second skin comes to mind when thinking of these stockings. In one smooth motion, the MARILLA will slip onto you, smoothing the leg immediately. With the band secured comfortably at the top, you'll breathe a sigh of relief with the promise that they'll stay in place and for the comfort you feel. The only reason you won’t forget you're wearing them will be for the unrelenting shower of compliments you'll get in these thigh highs.

 Female model wearing brown dress jumping with teal color sheer stockings with gold stilettos

So what are you waiting for? Fall in love with MARILLA and yourself when you wear these stockings. They are the perfect balance between extravagance and fun, elegance and bliss, daring and comfort. In these, you’ll turn heads, stop traffic and change the game. Never have you been more fabulous than when you were wearing the MARILLA. Start your thigh high journey with her today.

June 17, 2022

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