In the world of lingerie, where style meets empowerment, Asian-owned brands are shining bright. As the #StopAsianHate movement drives change, it's time to spotlight and support Asian entrepreneurs who bring creativity and culture to fashion. Join us in celebrating these fabulous Asian-women-owned lingerie brands that redefine beauty and empower through intimate fashion.

The Little Bra Company

Designed for petite women, The Little Bra Company is all about perfect fit and fabulous style. Whether it's delicate lace or seamless comfort, each piece is crafted to boost confidence and embrace femininity. Celebrate your curves with elegance and charm!


Inspired by Italian allure, VienneMilano brings luxury to legwear. Created by an Asian woman with a passion for sophistication, their thigh-high stockings are a must-have for any fashionista. Elevate your look with timeless elegance and feel empowered from head to toe.


Sophia Rose

Sophia Rose blends sustainability with chic designs that speak to your eco-conscious side. From comfy classics to trendy cuts, their lingerie embraces natural beauty and ethical fashion. Show the planet some love while rocking your unique style!

Sophia Rose

Soy Spice

Celebrate cultural heritage with Soy Spice Lingerie's vibrant designs and intricate details. Each piece is a nod to Asian traditions and modern trends, offering lingerie that's as bold and beautiful as you are. Embrace your heritage with confidence and flair!

Soy Spice Lingerie

Which Asian-Owned Lingerie Brand Suits Your Style? Tell us which brand steals your heart and fills your lingerie drawer! Share your thoughts and dive into the world of diversity and empowerment in fashion.

March 26, 2021

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