Dear VienneMilano,
I'm planning on wearing a green chiffon dress to a wedding. Can you tell me which style of stockings will match this color? For example, do you recommend wearing black tights with a green dress?
Kristy D.

Kristy, thank you for asking! To answer your question, yes! You can wear black stockings with your fabulous green dress, and in particular, we recommend wearing sheer black stockings (like ISABELLA).

Matching color dresses with stockings can get complicated - that's why we collaborated with the talented Roxanne Carne to create a cheat-sheet for matching colored dresses with stockings.

Fashion infographic

Does Roxanne recommend wearing a red dress with black sheer stockings? Yes, she does! You'll notice the word "yes" is indicated in the columns for colors and stocking styles that pair well together.

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