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My name is Julia, and I'm a Marketing Director from a small .com company based in Chicago. As a person who loves all things retro, I have been tempted to wear back seam stockings to work. However, I've been reluctant to do so as I'm afraid that back seam stockings may be considered a fashion faux pas in the corporate environment. Can you tell me if back seam stockings are appropriate for work? And if so, what's the best way to style them?

– Julia M.

Back seam stockings: a modern way to creating a perfect silhouette reminiscent of the 1950s. Featuring a delicate knitted vertical seam that runs from the top of your hosiery down to the toe, providing a touch of retro glamor – To help with Julia's question, we reached out to renowned stylists, fashion bloggers, and experts for their advice:

Generally speaking, nude-toned back seam stockings are appropriate for work (Office settings, creative vocations). I recommend wearing back seam stockings with a short to medium height heel or knee height fashion boot.
- Mary Winkenwerder, Beauty Expert, Beautereport.
I personally love back-seam stockings. I love that they appear to be regular nylons from the front, so I can meet with colleagues and clients while still presenting myself as a traditional young professional, but that telltale line up the back of my leg is subtle enough to waver between classic, retro and sexy. They don't give too much away, but they can be a great conversation piece for those paying attention. They are intriguing to a new generation for their simple sexiness. I can wear them to work and still be completely appropriate in my professional environment.
- Chris, CoFounder of Heel and Toes.

Not only are back seams appropriate for work, but it's also essential to make sure the seam is straight.

When I went to school in Europe, there were no non-back seam stockings; we always had to make sure the seams were straight. It was not cool to have them [the back seam] crooked, not even a millimeter!

- Adeodata Czink, Founder of Business of Manners.

Ok, we get it: back seam stockings are appropriate for work. However, what do you wear with them? Amber S. Brown, Founder of GOCO Collective offers two outfits pairing back seam stockings, bodysuits, blazers, and chunky heels.

Michelle Freiberg, Founder of She's Not So Basic, shares this fabulous outfit. She believes that matching a black turtleneck with a knee-length pencil skirt and pointed-toe pumps will add just the right amount of sexiness:

What about you? How and where do you like to wear your back seam stockings? Join the conversation and comment below.

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March 10, 2017

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