ALBA is a timeless dame. Like any Back Seam Stocking, she's got that glint of historical glamour. Whether gracing the hardwood floors of taverns and red carpets of the past or arresting gazes today – she has it.

Back seams have drawn a prepossessing line down the legs of many through the annals of time. When the utmost modesty was standard, back seams offered a glimpse into women's true desires and fieriness, elegantly claiming back their nature-given sensuality.

Best back seam tights

From the front, all was in order. From behind? Scandal.

And I think, still to this day, some of that tantalizing and exciting energy is woven into every minuscule nylon stitch of back seam stockings. As you slip into their silky-smooth embrace, it's as though a spark of rebellion and defiance ignites within, only adding to their irresistible appeal.

A quick interlude

Speaking of slipping these beauties on, here's a quick guide:

The cardinal rule: Align the back seam line off your leg before application.

  1. Firmly grab hold of your back seam stockings.
  2. Bunch them up carefully, ensuring the line is straight.
  3. Assume position ( It might help to sit down and bend your legs closer to you, so you have more control.)
  4. Breath!
  5. Very slowly, coax the bunched-up tights over your leg, maintaining your toe pointed all the while.
  6. Keep a close eye on how the line is forming as it stretches and adjust your hand positions to ensure your line stays "as the crow flies."
  7. Once you reach near the top of your thigh you should feel a slight pullback – there's where you let the silicon band fall comfortably into place.

And voila! Congratulations, you're now a stockings back seam expert!

To continue …

And wouldn't you know it, some of history's most famous and influential women were back seam devotees. Not that you need any reminding, but Vivien Leigh should have been born with a built-in back seam. And Ava Gardner? She fully encompassed what back seam stockings were all about.

These were the times when all stockings had a back seam. A single piece of fabric was wrapped around and sewn together to match women's leg shape. However, as the second world war waged, so too did the war on stockings. Before women knew it, nylon was being redirected to make uniforms during the war. Naturally, nylon stocking production took a backseat. What took its place was pure, ingenious innovation as women began to draw black lines down their legs to create the illusion of back seams.

Fortunately, you won't have to practice body arts and crafts thanks to retro-modern fusion stockings such as ALBA Back Seam Stockings.

ALBA is "barely-there-sheer" (15 denier.) She's intrigued. She's beautiful. She's everything we think thigh highs should be. Her intricate back seam traces its way up your lovely legs, creating a crafted and slender look.

The ALBA Back Seam silicone bands at the top make these high-quality stockings easy to wear in the bedroom, dancing the night away, or just simply with your daytime outfits.

How to dress back seam stockings

Dressing for intrigue

Back seam thigh highs spice up any daytime wardrobe. Pair them with solid hues or a date-night outfit in need of a touch of elegance. The luxury of ALBA's mystifying back seam, making you the center of attention with questions arising such as "who is she?" and of course – "where did she get them?"

Subtle, yet Eye-Catching

ALBA provides luxury and class par excellence. Pairing her with some gorgeous heels is the best fashion decision you'll ever make. Also, as both her seams and the heels elongate your legs, you'll stand extra tall with a modelesque posture to die for!


ALBA Back Seam tempts and woos without revealing too much. She makes her charms known confidently, without having to shout. The silicone bands at the top make these premium stockings easy to wear in the bedroom, dancing the night away, or simply with your daytime outfits.


Wear makeup with a classic touch and style your hair with large curls or waves for a glamorous look. ALBA Back Seam can give any outfit a vintage pin-up appeal or a playful flair. Pair these thigh highs with a simple blouse, solid pencil skirt, or your favorite little black dress. You can also wear a classic pin-up, 50s, or 60s dress to spice things up a little bit. Thigh highs with lace tops, in addition to back seams, give you even more options for your ensembles.

Unbunching ALBA

Now that we've successfully smoothened out ALBA tell us what you think! We'd be delighted to hear how you'd style these fabulous thigh high back seam stockings. Or, if you have any interesting back seam anecdotes or tips of your own? Let us know below!

And for those of you who've yet to dip your toe in the back seam pool, why not shop our collection today? VienneMilano has an extensive collection of stockings that features a back-seam. You'll even find a few beauties such as GIOVANNA and OTTAVIA that are crafted from Italian lace – take your pick!

March 03, 2017

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