The Italian language can add beauty to any sequence of letters or sounds - è proprio così - that's just how it is.

Italian hosiery

It's as though the language was created for poetry, or, in our case - a brand name. But before you have any doubts, we have not poached this name. In fact, half of it is my very own name!

But really, we owe it all to the home of our beloved family of products. They come to us the whole way from the Bel Paese: the dynamic, lush, historical, and welcoming "boot of the Mediterranean", otherwise known as Italy. And to us, details matter, like how and where our stockings and lingerie are made. So today, we'll share why it matters to us that our collections are Italian.

An introduction

Italy - the beating heart of the fashion industry - has always shown us how it's done.

Perhaps it's their natural appreciation for the finer, more tender things in life that have gifted them with such unparalleled ability. Family, love, food, friends, wine and laughter are their national vices, and as we all know (here's looking at you, carbonara), they do them all exceptionally well.

Fulfillment and satisfaction is the name of their game, and our closets have benefited as a result.

But this mindset isn't anything new...

It's woven into the Italian soul before and ever after. After all, the country that gave birth to the world-illuminating renaissance had to have something special, didn't it?

Spanning back to the 11th century, but also laying its deepest roots in ancient Rome, impeccable Italian artistry and craftsmanship have been passed from generation to generation, with the flame burning brighter with each passing of the torch. Owing to tight-knit families, the skills and expertise of the parents are passed down to the children or from sibling to sibling.

It's a cultural institution spanning anything from cinema to cuisine, and of course, our interest - fashion. And where there's haute couture, there are the textiles and gifted hands (and minds) to match. And need we mention high-quality craftsmanship, sharp tailoring, and luxury designs?

Fashion credentials like no other

Their passion and preference for simpler designs that can be built on using intricate detailing and tailoring are famous worldwide. Gucci, Valentino, Versace, Prada, Pucci, Armani, , Moschino, and Fendi - you know exactly what they are, where they're from, and probably have some outfits in mind for good reason.

A wager: if the rest of the world's fashion houses were to disappear tragically, Italy alone would be able to shoulder the duty of restyling the globe.

We've become so accustomed to being surrounded by Italian excellence in our collections that we forget it's not the norm. Their illustrious styling is believed to stem from the Italian concept of "La bella figura." - Which not only refers to appearance but more so dignity, hospitality, kindness, and a sort of possession of self.

And here at VienneMilano - that's what we're all about. Our Made in Italy lingerie makes us more than proud.

For us, only hosting products made in wonderful Italy just seems right; we wouldn't have it any other way. And, we'd like to think our customers get as much joy and satisfaction as we do out of Italian finesse! When you wear VienneMilano, you're wearing a part of fashion history. You're taking part in a heritage renowned for its keen eye for beauty, elegance, and all things nice. In doing so, everyone knows what you are about - a global fashion connoisseur who does not bow down to borders. Not only are you buying from a country in Europe, but you are also buying from a culture that prides itself on beauty and quality.

So, we'd be intrigued to hear what you think gives out products away as Italian. Also, do spill! What irresistible part of the Italian culture do you enjoy the most? Let us know below.

February 24, 2017
Tags: Italy

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