Primula Definition:

1. A plant of a genus that includes primroses, cowslips, and polyanthuses. Many kinds are cultivated as ornamentals, bearing flowers in a wide variety of colors in the spring.

In other words, PRIMULA is a wearable flower garden fit for a queen – a style queen. We're also excited to announce that she's made from lace!

What makes lace tights great?

Lace tights certainly add dimension, but they can also heighten or ground colors/outfits as you please. This dual-effect is a rarity, making lace tights all the better.

PRIMULA lace stockings

Not content to stop at that, their much-welcome coverage allows you to hold dearly onto those Summer dresses that you're just not ready to part ways with as we transfer into the colder months.

But what makes PRIMULA even better?

Sensationally textured

PRIMULA is adept at adding a layer of depth and texture to any outfit she's paired with. But we could say that about all lace tights. What's unique about PRIMULA is her floral flair that comes in the shape of several gorgeous bouquets adorning the pair from solid band to toe.


Here at VienneMilano, we source all of our materials from Italian-based suppliers and producers. As such, we draw on generational craftsmanship that translates into every stitch. And things are no different with PRIMULA.

80s flair

Feeling a little nostalgic these days? Quirky tights were big in the 80s. So if you're looking for an 80s fix, PRIMULA's beautiful bouquets might be just what you need.

How to wear PRIMULA

Textured tights are the busy fashionista's dream come true. For an outfit that stuns, the code is simple:

Pick a hemline that shows off your legs - add a high heel that makes 'em look even longer – stay neutral.

To be more precise...

For those particularly icy days when you want to feel that extra bit' bougie,' opt for a rich-colored sweater dress. Add some gold as you please before grounding the look with black ankle boots.

There's also nothing a black high-waist pencil skirt with a tuck in a white button-down, or an ivory blouse can't achieve. Layer a blazer on top and step into black heels to let everyone know you mean business.

But that's not all. Lace thigh highs are everywhere. In fact, trend that's taken the night-life fashion scene by storm is a pair of detailed lace thigh highs under leather shorts. In fact, leather and lace seem to be the power couple of the moment – don't miss out!

Where can PRIMULA be worn?

As you can see from the above, PRIMULA works wonderfully no matter where you take her. Not too flashy, by no means understated – PRIMULA rests comfortably in the goldilocks zone. As such, she's fabulous for formal occasions, including weddings, birthdays, funerals, christenings, etc.

From Italy, with love

If, upon first glance, you thought PRIMULA looked a little otherworldly – you're on the money. That other world? Italy! That's right, PRIMULA thigh highs are crafted from famously beautiful and highly sought-after Italian lace (and she has the confidence to go with it.)

Milano Italia


Invite romance into your life with PRIMULA. Or, simply romance yourself by treating yourself to her bouquet-adorned thigh high beauty. Simple outfits or old favorite ensembles will blossom with her floral charms as you enjoy a well-deserved boost in confidence and self-appreciation. Everyone deserves to treat themselves to flowers now and then; why not make them last a little longer this time and share the beauty for all to see?
September 16, 2022

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