From performing on the streets of Rome to 3.9 million people globally – Måneskin bravely blinks in the spotlight of the world.

Bundles of stockings

Where Måneskin Begun

Every year, when the Eurovision rolls around, Europe braces. They're in for a night of eclectic music, theatrical performances, and wincingly cheesy jokes. And every year, there's the promise that they'll be the first to witness something great – the breakthrough band. What once was ABBA is now Måneskin. From 1974 to 2021 – nothing has changed. Unparalleled musical talents stand out among the rest, and the world falls in love.

And so Måneskin skyrocketed to fame.

Meet the Band

The band comprises vocalist Damiano David, bassist Victoria De Angelis, guitarist Thomas Raggi, and drummer Ethan Torchio. And if you haven't noticed – that's a lot of Italian-sounding names.

Maneskin Group shot

They're Italian!

Here at VienneMilano, we're more than aware of (and excited about) this Italian band. They're cool, they're edgy, they're sensible, a little wild and oh-so rock n'roll – or metal – depending on who you ask. Their music is by no means classically Italian, but the lyrics are often sung in their native language to fast-paced, full-hearted, and usually angsty tunes. And they're not only trendsetters on the music scene, but they've also made a splash in fashion, showing their appreciation for Italian brands in particular.


And we can't get Enough

Can we mention again that they're Italian?! Every day, we fall deeper and deeper in love with Italian expertise. Just one look at our Italian-made thigh highs, and we're in awe. Our appreciation cup runneth over for all things Italian. Greatness just seems to grow from the country. So, when we heard that Måneskin would be performing at the 2022 VMAs, we were excited, but it came as no shock to us – it's what they deserve.

Måneskin's VMA Performance

And you can bet we were watching closely as they made their debut appearance at the MTV VMAs (August 28), delivering a racy version of 'Supermodel' at the awards show.

Maneskin at the VMAs

Is that Stockings we see?

A devil-may-care attitude was all over that stage alongside, much to our delight, plenty of dancing legs in thigh highs and stockings that reminded us of our CLAUDIA matte thigh high style. And when it comes to stockings at the VMAs, we feel like Nicki Minaj's bubble gum pink stockings more than earn an honorary mention – they looked gorgeous!

A Hint of On-brand Controversy

Domino performed in assless chaps and a leather thong, while Victoria had her breasts covered with little more than silver discs at one point. All very on-brand for our lovely, wild Måneskin. But apparently, MTV felt rather prudish that day as cameras frequently cut away, leaving fans (and us) less than pleased.

We'd argue the lax attitude towards nudity was in the Italian spirit. Sensuality and personality go hand in hand, much like with our thigh highs. The human form is beautiful and shouldn't have to be hidden, and we're not just talking about legs!

Watch this Space!

But all in all, it's just another show on their huge worldwide tour. And it also secured them the title of first Italian band to have won a VMA award. So we can be guaranteed more crazy, carefree antics to come, even if the camera won't catch it all! Not all the censorship in the world is enough to hide this band's edge.

Photo credit: Johnny Nunez and Theo Wargo/Getty Images for MTV/Paramount Global

September 09, 2022

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