PRISCILLA is a favorite here at VienneMilano. At just one glance at her dazzlingly sheer self, you can easily see why. But it goes deeper than that. PRISCILLA is easy-going, charming, and intense all at once. And she's not one to waste her powers. She's on your side, and she wants you to feel beyond fabulous, beyond reach, and entirely, powerfully, flawlessly you.

PRISCILLA featuring Rose Pink lace top band in hazelnut

And her name...her name. It suits her more than we'd like to admit (and we take full credit for picking it!) Meaning venerable and classic, it's PRISCILLA in a nutshell. What's more, it's undeniably feminine.

Tantalizingly sheer

A firework in personality and design alike, it would only make sense that PRISCILLA strutted her stuff across the entire rainbow spectrum. Starting with a strong, reliable base of classic black or hazelnut, it's when you head northwards that the magic happens. Her fabulous color lace top band is – first of all – gorgeous in its own right.

Fantastically floral, PRISCILLA's flower-decked top band is the stuff of dreams. Oh-so beautiful, subtly creative, entirely intricate, and carefully detailed – this is one floral band that catches both the eye and imagination. Plus, we can't deny that it has a luxurious edge that we enjoy immensely!

But now, onto the colors:

Phew! But don't expect them to hang around forever. PRISCILLA's colors are always limited-edition so snap them up while you still can!

Italian Beauty

Underpinning all things PRISCILLA is an Italian-made flair. And, of all our thigh highs, we think PRISCILLA relishes being Italian the most. Not one to have a hair out of place, she knows her worth because it's in every last stitch!

Masterful Make

A nylon and spandex blend, PRISCILLA is as flexible as she is fabulous. And behind it all, the fabrics mix for a comfortable taut feeling that reassures.

Green tights

And let me tell you, you won't be left with any doubts about it. From PRISCILLA's ornate top band down to her reinforced toe, it's silky smoothness all the way, making wearing PRISCILLA feel like a warm hug from a close friend!

What's more, the unique florals and brilliant hues shade, highlight, and illuminate all the right places, sculpting your legs into the masterpieces we all know they are. So, feeling admired and pampered is just one very welcome side effect of slipping into the soft embrace of PRISCILLA.

How to style PRISCILLA

That's the thing about PRISCILLA; she's fabulous for every occasion - night to day, work, fancy parties, funerals, graduations, date night, and even weddings. And that's why PRISCILLA makes life and love all the more enjoyable. She's the ideal companion for putting on a formal show during the day and a more sultry smoke show at night (for select eyes only!)

Hot Pink Lace Top Band

All in all, our top choices are a little black dress, floral prints, skirts, or really ... everything. And when it comes to shoes, sheer texture works well with patent leather or suede, although we recommend closed-toe stilettos.

And there you have her!

PRISCILLA is one-of-a-kind and full-of-life type of thigh high. She's not to be underestimated and will do everything in her power to keep you feeling flawlessly fabulous! So, why not take her by the hand and allow her to take you on a style journey as she revolutionizes every one of your outfits along the way?

Interested in purchasing a pair of PRISCILLA? Be sure to use discount code: COLORLACE for 25% off your first (or second or third) pair of PRISCILLA lace top sheer stockings!

Which color lace top band will you fancy? Leave us a comment below.

August 26, 2022

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