Every artist has their motif. From the Burberry Check to the Dior Oblique - a motif holds significance. Birds for Pablo Picasso, Campbell's Soup Cans for Andy Warhol, and Corals for VienneMilano? We find out below.


Introducing ADRIA

Coral Couture

Coral has captivated our imaginations for millennia with its rich history, turbulent present, and sophisticated sculptural form. It's a highly-prized as a substance believed to be endowed with mysterious sacred properties. A symbol of modesty, wisdom, happiness, and immortality, coral is a mighty material. And now, we find it gracing our newest member of the VienneMilano family. Time for a deep dive on ADRIA? We think so too. Snorkels on!

Coral reef tights

Coral: Soon to make a splash on the runway?

Alright, we'll admit it, coral isn't exactly a fashion mainstay. However, it is fast becoming the sweetheart of some interior designers. So whether you're looking for it or not, you're sure to see coral popping up all over your Instagram feed. And Pinterest? Well, a veritable coral-fest comes to mind. And as such, we're going to make a very safe bet and say this stony silhouette has a one-way ticket to trendiness.

In the meantime, we'll sing its praises because we've fallen head over heels for corals' charms.

So, who exactly is ADRIA?

We love a theme, and ADRIA does not let us down. Crafted from a fish-net-like material, these thigh highs dip into the beautifully oceanic and seaside style without crossing into "sailor."

Fishnet tights detail

What's more, you won't feel caught up in ADRIA's net. The soft material is reliably flexible, giving just enough way for natural movement without any pesky resistance. Better still, despite fishnet's reputation for being hard to forget once on, ADRIA has a propensity to disappear from your mind until you receive the inevitable "wow! I've never seen a pair of stockings like those; where did you get them?"

Sculpting your legs in all the right places, ADRIA also evokes a sultry, somewhat edgy look that lends itself to an air of mystique that's only heightened by the fact ADRIA is...

An unprecedented look

And it's true. Having spent decades working with and loving thigh highs, stockings, and the likes, we don't think we've ever seen a pair quite like ADRIA. Her personality is clear – completely and entirely unapologetically unique. We think ADRIA and the woman who wants the world to know that her creativity and style are a winning combo would be a match made in heaven. Maybe even a one-of-a-kind power pairing.

An everywhere kind of thigh high

ADRIA is up for anything. Her distinct beauty sees her through almost all occasions and environments. An understated statement, ADRIA is a day-to-night pair of thigh highs that'll make you the talk of work, school, parties – or wherever you want to feel in a fashion league of your own.

Ocean theme fishnets

And, even if you're feeling not quite you, slip on ADRIA, and you'll witness that spark of self confidence. She rubs off on you (but never literally!)

Time for a change?

And last but not least, coral traditionally signifies profound changes in the works. Just like coral stays grounded, these shifts are a direct result of grounding yourself in reality. So, what better way to invite the new and exciting into your life than feeling fabulously fine with ADRIA?


If you're looking for stunning stockings for the Fall, ADRIA is here for you. She'll ensure you get every last moment out of those Summer dresses before brining your autumnal ensembles to the next level - Italian hosiery has truly never looked or felt so good – snap her up!

Model wearing ocean theme stockings

August 19, 2022

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