As 2016 (arguably one of the most strangest years of our generation) comes to an end, VienneMilano celebrates the arrival of 2017 with enthusiasm. Before we begin with a fresh start (again), let's take a closer look at 2016. How did women reveal their style and confidence in 2016?

Here's a roundup of this year's most coveted style of thigh highs for VienneMilano:

1. CLAUDIA Matte (Jet Black)

CLAUDIA Black is a versatile style no hosiery collection should be without. With a super soft finish, these thigh highs will underpin your look with luxe. They are almost seamless with a velvety feel - an excellent foundation under form-fitting clothing. Made from the superior microfiber yarn, they keep your legs cozy and warm.

CLAUDIA black thigh highs

2. ANDREA Opaque (Satin Black)

The basis of all great styles is a fabulous foundation, ANDREA transforms your legs into a perfect match for dresses and skirts. These are perfect under close-fitting clothes as they wrap the legs like a second skin.

3. ISABELLA Sheer (Classic Black)

ISABELLA Black is an indispensable piece of your wardrobe. Whether you want a silk smooth look for a warm weather outing, or you need an immaculate touch to your work outfit, ISABELLA has the versatility to match for every occasion. The super-light material gives an attractive transparent look and a truly sensational feel on the skin.

4. GIADA Art Deco (Onyx Black)

GIADA adds a flirtatious flair to any occasion, with a sumptuous 1920's style. Their seamless, art deco pattern makes legs look ultra festive, and feels exceptionally soft on the skin. This pair of thigh highs is woven with a metallic fiber (lurex), which will give a glamorous radiance to your legs.

5. GIORGIA Fishnet (Ebony Black)

Stylish and quintessential: GIORGIA Black gives a poise Italian twist to traditional fishnet stockings. The subtle micro-fishnet pattern cleverly allow glimpses of bare skin, they add a racy touch to both business and evening wear. Our fishnet carries from a slim shiny lace band right down to the toe.

Do you agree with this list? Which of these styles do you like/dislike? What would you like to see in our collection for 2017? We cannot wait to hear your thoughts and opinion - be sure to comment below.

December 30, 2016

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