We all have a soft spot for thigh-high socks, tights, and stockings. The three form a fashionable family that keeps our legs warm, stylish and feeling fabulous. While tights reserve a special place in our hearts for their reliable waist-based hold, sometimes we'd prefer a little extra room in the area. For that, we have thigh highs and stockings that go as high as the thigh but never any further – they hold up on their own accord thanks to elastic or silicone bands that hug the leg just right. But we all know some hold a little better than others, leaving us hunting down thigh highs that will actually stay in place.

Best hi-thigh tights

Thigh-High Tights and Stockings That Stay up


Calzedonia logo
Price range: $10-20

Most of the best hosiery suppliers have an Italian-style penchant of some form. Here we have one of the most prominent displays of this trend in the shape of an Italian fashion group founded in Verona by Sandro Veronesi in 1986. Throughout 5,000 shops worldwide, Calzedonia stock and sell their affordable collection of sheer, opaque, and patterned tights alongside stockings, over-the-knee socks, and their “Premaman” maternity line. Among their collection, you'll also find their Eco, total shaper, and thermal styles that apply to all of their Socks, Tights, Leggings, and Swimwear. Calzedonia's over-the-knee socks are made from warm, soft, and opaque fabrics like wool and cashmere alongside a silicone band that holds these stockings right in place.


Falke logo

Price range: $20-34

With 125 years of experience on their side, it comes as no surprise that this Switzerland-based luxury brand has perfected the art of crafting stockings and thigh highs that stay up. Falke offers expert craftsmanship and premium materials in the shape of knitted legwear and fine hosiery that is supplied to the global fashion market. Their stockings are well-loved among their loyal customers for being warm and non-itchy, with a smooth waistband and comfortable, molded feet. The fit is generally excellent and true to the size recommendation, with great envelopment that holds fast not only on the thigh but also around the knees and calves ensuring they really do stay in place.


Kixies logo

Price Range: $30

Kixies are an endearing brand with a fun yet touching backstory involving the founder having run afoul of “tight bunching” while on a date. It comes as no surprise that their Thigh-High Stockings are exceptionally comfortable and well-made. But it's their unique silicone no-slip-grip band that really sets them apart, ensuring their legwear stays up all day and night without a single slip. Their collection is impressive, featuring opaque, sheer, and patterned tights with a particular focus on the fishnet design. They offer both petit and plus-size thigh highs.

Kixies are also the only thigh high brand that measures by thigh circumference, meaning they embrace the leg firmly without slipping or pinching. Their products are a little toward the lower mark, but they still tick all of the boxes when it comes to a comfortable fit that holds.


VienneMilano logo

Price range: $15-120

VienneMilano is one of the newest and most exciting brands on the hosiery scene. They trade in a passion for fashion which they back up using durable materials, premium yarns, and the finest laces, all woven into nothing short of creative fashion masterpieces. As a brand headed by an Asian-American woman who said goodbye to Corporate American to follow her dream of showing thigh highs for what they really are – spectacularly stylish every day where that can be worn anytime, anywhere, stocking fans are falling in love with VienneMilano in their droves.

VienneMilano aim to transcend borders, bringing Italian craftmanship and eternal style to the women of the US so they can feel cherished and confident wearing thigh highs and stockings. When it comes to their range, it's rather diverse, with many textures, patterns, and styles to consider running from coral motifs to Argyle patterns and all of the colors, deniers, and sizes you could dream of. In terms of staying up, VienneMilano thigh highs do not let down. A mix of careful sizing and a firm silicone band ensures they stay fast no matter what your activity.


Wolford logo

Price range: $20-200

Priding themselves in their use of only "the most exclusive yarns," Wolford is a leading global fashion brand for high-quality sustainable legwear, lingerie, swimwear, and bodywear. They're also deservedly proud of their creative and innovative knitting and finishing techniques, which add a certain “Je ne sais quoi” to their luxury range of pantyhose, hosiery, tights, legwear, stockings, leggings, stay-ups, bodysuits, lingerie, underwear, shapewear, and innovative clothing – the whole works.

Founded 65 years ago, Wolford has been producing in Bregenz and in Slovenia since 2010. They use a circular knitting machine, with compression knitting anywhere that the body bends. The tights also go into an oven on metal legs that shocks the fiber. This keeps them from stretching, keeps the color from fading, and forms them into the shape of legs. In other words, these leggings do not, cannot, and refuse to fall down.

And voila!

5 thigh-high tights and stockings that won't fall down. There's little more annoying than feeling the need to constantly tug your thigh highs or stockings upward throughout the day. Above, we have shared the hosiery brands whose mission is to make stocking slippage a thing of the past. Choose from whichever sounds the right fit for you, and enjoy wearing stockings as they should be!

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March 17, 2023

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