Here at VienneMilano, we try to maintain a sense of elegance and class in everything that we do and promote, and of course, in our products themselves. Although some may shy away from the topic of thigh high stockings, we'd like to think that stay ups promote a great sense of well being, in that they bring out a woman's inner confidence and sexuality in a way that is also discreet and mysterious. That being said, thigh highs can skirt the line of immodesty if they are not styled appropriately, either for work or for play. Throwing on anything from the wrong shirt to the wrong shoes can ruin any thigh high look. So how does one go about staying classy and elegant in thigh highs?

Starting from the top down, choosing an appropriate shirt is a must. Blouses and button down shirts are always a good start to ensuring that your outfit stays modest. Avoiding tank tops, crop tops, and anything too sheer also helps in that area.

Classic back seam stockings with black pencil skirt

Accessories are also important to think about, and should be approached the same way as one would when applying foundation — less is more. Try sticking with minimalist and light pieces in a uniform metal (i.e., all silver, all gold, etc.) and avoid more thick and gauche pieces, such as heavy costume jewelry and bangles. Remember, you want accessories to top off your look, not steal the show.

First lady inspired outfit with stay up hosiery

Bottoms can make or break a look with thigh highs, so choose very carefully. Do you really want to show the world your silicone bands peeking just underneath a mini skirt, dress, shorts, or romper? Or would you rather keep your special secret tucked away for later, underneath a form-fitting pencil skirt, maxi dress, gown, or even pants? As always, consider the event you are dressing for.

Coco Chanel inspired outfit with thigh high stockings

The right shoes can really tie the look together, and those shoes are generally heels. Stiletto, kitten, and block heels can all keep an ensemble sexy, yet appropriate. Steering towards platforms, sneakers, and especially sandals can quickly create an outfit that would be less than desirable outside of a nightclub.

Classy elegant with GIADA thigh highs

Class and elegance in your thigh high look can be as easy as wearing a blouse, knee-length skirt and heels, or be achieved simply with an appropriate dress. By following our guidelines, you can now dress your hold ups up or down, from the office to your dinner party, while still maintaining a modest air.

Do you know how to select thigh highs? How do you keep your Italian hosiery classy and elegant? Let us know in the comments section!

July 14, 2017
Tags: Fashion tips

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