Stockings and stocks used to be accessories that people wear to be more comfortable, especially when it's cold outside and you want to wear something shorter. They give an extra clothing layer without letting you sacrifice your style. Today, though, such outerwear can be worn in unique ways, allowing you to express your chic fashion taste.

If you're wondering how to make this fashion statement work without looking awkward or inappropriately dressed, here are some tips you might want to try:

Wear Cute Stocks With High Boots

Sock make shoe-wearing bearable, especially if you like wearing boots. Instead of wearing short socks that might only hurt your ankle, why not consider wearing mid-high socks that feature cute designs? Make sure your socks are visible over the high boots to make your chic style stand out even more.

Often, winter ensembles rely on a good pair of high boots that can endure the snow and the cold breeze outside. You need warm socks to make sure you're comfortable why staying stylish. The key is to choose a cute sock design to make your outfit look incredibly trendy. Some designs to try would be tiny embroideries, such as flowers and rainbows. They're not too bold or outrageous but just enough to make a statement.

Socks And Heels Work, Too

If you're a fan of runway fashion shows and magazines, you'll know that socks and heels can look chic if you know how to pair them well. If you need a boost of self-confidence, going for this look is a fail-proof tip as long as you're able to choose your pairings nicely. Skin-matching or transparent socks might look trendier if you're up for a date night with someone special. It somehow gives off a sexy and confident vibe that you can't quickly get from other ensembles.

If you want a more casual look, you can try pulling off a pair of chunky platform sandals and knee-high socks. A dress could work perfectly with this idea, provided that the colors don't clash with one another. If it's cold or breezy outside, finish off your look by donning a fine jacket that voguishly highlights your curves.

Red socks

Pair Stockings With Shorts

The good thing about stockings is that they can pretty much go well with any clothing piece, especially with shorts. You can play with different lengths of short pants and look absolutely chic in more ways than one. If you're up for a pop of colors, you can also choose vibrant-colored shorts to go with plain black, gray, or white stockings.

Stockings are perfect for layering, so it doesn't matter what you wear with them, as long as you're comfortable. Aside from shorts, you can also wear them with skirts and dresses.

Add A Touch Of Glitter

If you like wearing stockings, you can make your own fashion statement by adding a little something that turns them into a personalized accessory. Adding a touch of glitter, for instance, might be a good idea if you want to be easily distinguished from other stockings-loving people out there.

You can look for stockings that have little rhinestones and other glittery embellishments on them. They may not be a common item, so you might have to look a little harder. You can also opt to make your own if you have the knack for it.

Gisella sparkling thigh highs
Best tights with crystals

Fishnet Stockings And Socks? Yes, Please!

It might be a bit overboard for some, but if you love playing around layers, textures, and colors, why not consider wearing fishnet stockings underneath socks? This idea is bold and unique, and not everyone can pull it off elegantly well, though. Hence, be cautious when choosing the clothing pieces you'll pair with the look.

Plain-colored socks would probably look better if you plan on wearing clothes that are already textured or patterned. Lucky for you, fishnet stockings come in different colors, so you can easily mix and match them according to your taste. If you want a girly look, try pairing pink fishnet stockings with white or yellow socks. A simple above-the-knee dress would instantly look chic if you were to wear it with these leg accessories.


Expressing your chic style doesn't have to be too elaborate or expensive. By wearing socks and stockings uniquely, you can already make your own fashion statement. These leg accessories are so versatile that you can wear them with almost anything. May it be short pants, dresses, high heels, boots, or even sandals, you can indeed find several unique ways to wear and pair them well. Be bold with colors, patterns, and textures. You can also play with different ensembles depending on where you're going or who you'll be with. To sum it up, socks and stockings are indeed a great and stylish accessory you can turn to any time of the day.

October 08, 2021
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