Every month anew at VienneMilano, we take a good look at our family. While they all work relentlessly for us, you, and all of our customers - there's always one with its claws out. Perhaps it's because the cold is setting in outside, and we need a touch of fire in our lives. Maybe we're taken by the abandonment of animal print in a time that calls for freedom – yes – freedom is currently on-trend! Could it be the glamour?

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Or maybe – just maybe - it's our VIVIA. To introduce VIVIA, we need only look deeper into her name. First, of course, since she's crafted in Italy like all of our stockings, we give her a name fitting of her origins and qualities. Therefore, VIVIA is a girl's name of Italian origin, meaning "life". It's considered a fresh take on the name "Vivian" – a more streamlined and even vivified version. When we think of VIVIA, we think of vivacity, vivaciousness, and a vastness of beauty. And before we run out of "V" words to describe VIVIA, we'd best move on.

What you need to know about VIVIA

Of course, VIVIA is our thigh-high of the month! She's all fire and no-frills – straight to the point. When you wear VIVIA, everyone knows what you're about. Your style, confidence, and power are brought to the forefront as you both draw on one another's fierceness.

We would say you take a walk on the wild side with VIVIA thigh highs, but really – you strut.

And that's the first reason we can't get enough of VIVIA. She gives, and she gives without asking for anything in return. In fact, thanks to her gorgeous micro fishnet fabric, she rarely snags your skin or anything else for that matter. Moreover, in thanks, once again to her luxurious fish-net composition, VIVIA keeps comfort at the forefront while maintaining a level of flexibility that allows you a wide range of movement – in case you want to do more than just strut!

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Luxurious & Glamorous Blend

And like any premium reliable thigh-high, she's reinforced on either side. Down by your toes, VIVIA is strengthened using Lycra which is famed for its unparalleled durability and gritty attitude! So, pair that amazing power with the reinforcing cross-woven fish-net style, and what you have is durable and delightfully reliable, gorgeous stockings (otherwise known as VIVIA.) With VIVIA, aesthetics are just as important as function. The naturally sultry style culminates in a solid band that boldly defines your thighs and loudly says, "I stop here!"

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And last but not least, VIVIA is not only on-trend due to being delightfully animal printed but also because these thigh highs are wonderfully insulating, making them perfect for slipping on under any winter outfit for an added layer of warmth and style.

Printed to Perfection

Animal prints first became very popular for lingerie and accessories in the 1940s before seeing a resurgence again in the more zany trends of the 1970s-80s. Now again, we're witnessing a resurgence which means wearing VIVIA will put your legs right back where they belong – in the limelight. Moreover, these thigh highs are perfect for absolutely all occasions considering they can either add a slight edge or make a bold statement depending on how you dress them!

And there you have it…

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VIVIA is ready and waiting to be the must-have untamed garment in your closet! So, why not welcome her into your style today? She'll work hard and more to keep your legs looking and feeling fantastic – you won't regret it.

October 15, 2021

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