Would the world have known that Sophia Loren had perfect legs had she not peeled off her stockings for Marcello Mastroianni in Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow? Within the minds of many women watching that scene was the inkling to buy their own set of scene-setting stockings.

And it's not just Sophia Loren.

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Over the years, stockings have graced our silver screens, LED screens, stages, red carpets, and podiums – meet the women that were wearing them below!

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Norma Talmadge

And Norma Talmadge, oh dear Norma. She was a woman before her time, playing daring, leading lady roles, and wearing stockings all the while. She bewitched and charmed audiences of the 1920s with her stunning voice and sultry presence, and her stockings were the cherry on top of the whole packaged.

Marlene Dietrich primadonna flair

We'd do best to look at the women who built the infallible foundations for stockings, most notably Madame Dietrich. Marlene Dietrich brought the sex appeal to stockings during a time when calves were still debatable (otherwise known as the 1930s.) Without fear or apprehension, she flaunted her nature-give leggy beauty, all wrapped up in sheer stockings – spectators couldn't get enough. Dietrich – power, confidence, superiority, and beauty – she had it all wrapped up in tights and before most people's sensibilities could handle it.

Stockings & Hollywood's most talented legs

However, it was Ginger Rodgers, ever loved for her leg's talent and beauty, who set pulses racing once again in the late 1930s with knee high and thigh high stockings. Powered with both feather boas and berets, Rodgers gave thigh highs the ability to diversify and enhance.

Betty Grable

And chirpy Betty Grable, who captured the hearts of millions worldwide, only solidified her image as the nation's sweetheart by auctioning off a set of her highly-coveted nylon stockings at a war bond rally in 1943 – all while flashing her iconic smile and looking absolutely gorgeous.

Rita Hayworth

Next, we have Rita Hayworth, absolutely stunning Hollywood as the leading lady of Gilda (1946.) Hayworth solidified thigh highs as a symbol of sensuality and sexuality during post-war times.

Elizabethan Beauty

Jumping studios to Elizabeth Taylor, we find a woman who put the business into stockings across the ages from 1930-1960. When this feminine force of nature sported tights, they functioned more as a beautiful armor than a diminishing style. A testament to stockings is that Elizabeth Taylor could traverse an immensely successful career, multiple marriages, and an entirely whole life without ever appearing in a ripped pair.

Effortlessly and oh-so French - Catherine Deneuve

While Sophia may have lit the torch, Catherine Deneuve finally brought it to the flame. In the French classic, Belle de Jour (1967), we see her sporting a garter belt and stockings while working as a call girl. And when French couture houses catch a trail of "the effortlessly sexy," you better believe they'll make it a worldwide sensation.


Twiggy (real name: Dame Lesley Lawson), an era-defining supermodel, ensured that stockings were never relegated to the bottom shelf. Instead, they became the mainstay of trends across the western world thanks to international fashion houses, even extending outwards, most notably to Iran, where stockings became the fashion piece of the 1970s. This era's stockings were as zany as the general generational spirit – multi-colored, statement, and neon.

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And now?

Today, beautiful and talented celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, and Eva Longoria (just to name a few) have worn stockings as they pave the way to becoming the next generation of Hollywood legends!

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Taylor Swift

Bringing us into more modern times, we have Taylor Swift, who decorates her impossibly and gorgeously long legs with a range of thigh highs and stockings.

Sarah Jessica Parker

And how could we write about the eternal stockings-celebrity bond without evoking the wonderful Sarah Jessica Parker? Recently seen on set Just Like That in a stunning, eclectic mix of high fashion stockings – you can bet she's solidifying a stocking fashion frenzy for 2022.

Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa, one of the world's biggest pop stars, flashed her thigh high stockings at the 2021 brit awards, making them look simply to die for in her vintage yet trendy get-up.

Kourtney Kardashian

Looking at the absolute picture of feminine beauty in a strapless black bustier and sheer black thigh high stockings, Kourtney Kardashian attended Dolce & Gabbana's 2021 virtual fashion show. All of which was no style shock; the Kardashian's are no stranger to thigh high stockings.

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Here at VienneMilano, stockings fascinate us. So, you best believe that when celebrities are caught wearing them, we are glued to our screens, always searching for new ways to style these magnificent garments! So let us know, we're dying to hear, who's your celebrity stocking inspiration and why? Share below, and we'll be sure to read! And, if the stockings bug has bitten you after reading the above, be sure to shop their fabulous looks here at VienneMilano! Get your stocking inspiration here and pick your perfect piece – it's just waiting for you!
October 29, 2021
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